Young terror victim’s mother slams Peace Now head

July 4, 2016  

In a passion matched only by her pain, Rena Ariel, whose daughter Hallel-Yaffa Ariel was murdered less than week ago in her bed, attacks the Secretary General and one-time spokesman for Peace Now, Yariv Oppenheimer.

In an interview with Radio Darom, Ariel ripped into Oppenheimer for his tweet that “The approved 42 new housing units are 42 more reasons for Palestinians to blow themselves up.” Oppenheimer was referring to the swath of building permits approved in Kiryat Arba in response to Hallel-Yaffa’s murder.

“I say this to all those who came to comfort us here: Yariv Oppenheimer is now on the line, and he claims that the 42 apartments that were approved here will bring another 42 terror attacks. So I am saying here: Yariv Oppenheimer – it isn’t the 42 apartments that will bring terror attacks, it is defeatist thinking like yours, who would uproot us, that will cause the death and murder of another little girl!”

Ariel further challenged: “You are invited here, Yariv, because every Jew is welcome, and you are invited to see, and to build here, not 42 apartments, but rather 420 apartments with gardens, well-built and normal, and that is what will bring the light.

“We will not see here the view of Islam, we will see here the view of our land, a happy view,” Ariel added, “Words like these, Yariv, they give [the terrorists] strength, they take their strength from us. Come here, Yariv, leave these ideas behind. Come and build the town.”

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