Unlucky Terrorist

February 20, 2012  


Here is a terrorist firing mortar shells getting what he deserves.

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  1. RonnyRJG says:

    My only regret is he seems to have gotten off a couple rounds first.allah wet butt? Is that what he’s saying? So much for the moon gods help.

  2. RonnyRJG says:

    As a retired paralyzed U.S.Marine,I loved the USMC sniper video.To bad we don’t send one of those brave men to send a 50 cal rounds into the brain pan of the Iranian president.It would send the right message.The Marine should have diplomatic immunity to pee on his kill though.Just sayin!

  3. maccabette says:

    Atten RonnyRJG: thank you for your service! i agree some one needs to put a finish to ahmadinejad!

  4. sasuki774 says:


    This is Israel ,no heart, no soul. Just pure evil

    Atten RonnyRJG, it would have been cool if you had died.

  5. sasuki774 says:

    The picture above is an Israeli soldier laughing at a dead kid, the kid looked maybe 5 or 6 years old. Did he deserve to die? But I do know that Ronny deserves to die but at least you are paralyzed. At least some good came from it all.

    1. RonnyRJG says:

      Sasuki774, You Muslim pussy! That terrorist got off at least 3 mortar rounds before the GOD of the Christians,Jews,( the One true and living God of all people) made sure that terrorist PIG got what was coming to him!
      You coward,how many CHILDREN and WOMEN Israeli’s do you think were killed
      by those first 3 mortar shells fired off by that asshole before he got blown to HELL?? They were INNOCENT!That piece of $&@% was NOT!
      Yeah,I fought and was wounded for my Country.But I never wore a mask to hide my identity.I never used women or CHILDREN to hide behind and use as a human shield.I fought face to face in war.I killed the man who hurt me.Was there any time in your life where you did anything more manly then hide behind your rice bowl,or treat your hemorrhoids? Or are you a MISS Sazuki? For Israel miss sazuki I would sit in a wheelchair and fight her enemies with an M-60,an M-16,or even with just a knife,because I love Israel and the Jewish people.And guess what?There are millions more in the U.S.A who would be willing to do the same thing!

    2. RonnyRJG says:

      To little miss sasuki774,as for the second comment you made attempting to malign the Israeli people by blaming what I said on them is bull7563! You said this is a picture of an Israeli soldier laughing at a dead child? What are you,freaking blind as well as stupid? This is a TERRORIST FIRING MORTAR ROUNDS AT ISRAELS INNOCENT CITIZENS! You must be at least a girly-boy,that’s why I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt by calling you miss,in my replies back to you.You are just like all the rest of those lying assholes from the countries surrounding Israel.All you do is lie and malign Israel falsely,threaten that great Nation of God and send the mentally ill Muslims inside Her borders to blow up INNOCENT men,women,and children.
      You won’t,but if you could murder off all the Jews,Christians,Hindu’s,Buddhists,in fact every other faith or religion besides Islam,you idiots would just kill each other off.Sunni’s against Shiites.Sooner or later that’s what it would come down to.
      But it will never get that far.Sooner rather then later,one of our countries will taken enough of your threats and make your sandboxes into an ocean of glass.These are my words and opinions and No One else!

      1. sasuki774 says:

        First of all I’m not Muslim you ignorant idiot. Second of all, the picture of the child was in my comment!

        If you take a poll of everyone in the U.S. you will find that most people do not agree with what Israel is doing, which is taking land that doesn’t belong to them. The fact that you support terrorists, which is what Israels are, is very sad.

        And I’m not a pussy, I’ve been doing boxing for 3 years and never back down to anyone. Grow a brain and realize that Jews are just as bad as Muslims but worse.

        1. RonnyRJG says:

          Miss sasuki774,
          Ask any U.S.Marine what they think of boxers.Besides laughing at you,you would hear a bit of Marine Corps history concerning”the boxer rebellion.”You ant-Semetic bitch,the only pole in America that agrees with you regarding Israel is one you pulled out of your backside after bending over so much to Israels enemies which are a minority in the U.S.
          But yeah,you ARE a pussy!Have you ever fought for your country?You wish I would have died but are at least glad I’m paralyzed after fighting for people like you to have the freedom to express what they want without fear of repucussion.Tell you what girly=boy,I would do it all over again even if I were to suffer the same consequences.I would even do so for you.I don’t just run my mouth,I proved myself.
          I love my Country and I love Israel.God gave Israel to the Jews.I worship a King who was born a Jew.I believe He arose alive from the dead and is coming back.Not as a Lamb,but as The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.Many of us Christians are maligned as islam a phobes that will not fight.Fear muslims?Gimme a break!
          Fear boxing liberals that bow and apologize to our enemies like you and President Obama? Ha! If you’re not a muslim,then what if anyone do you believe in?Besides flapping your lips over issues you could never understand,since you not only turn your back on the truth,YOU BEND OVER and accept the lie.Poor little girly-boy.Boo Hoo!
          Ride out your monthly issue with a tampon and a couple Midols.You sick anti-Semetic bitch!

      2. Dreama says:

        This “free sharing” of inarmoftion seems too good to be true. Like communism.

  6. sgtmsc says:

    to bad youtube took the video down.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for letting us know. We just replaced it till youtube takes it down again.

  7. IsraeliGirl143 says:

    HAHAHAH that’s what he gets!

  8. HeyJules says:

    Live by the bomb, die by the bomb.

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