Pictures of Israeli Female Soldiers

December 16, 2012  

There is no doubt that the most beautiful, courageous, and intelligent female soldiers in the world are in Israel.


Just click on any picture below to enlarge it and turn on the slide show.

See hundreds more Israeli Female Soldiers pictures here:

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  1. By Peace Man, December 16, 2012

    Wow. Just wow. They’re gorgeous!

    • By Anonymous, April 7, 2017

      Jewish women have a unique beauty. Add guns….then wow.

  2. By Bob, June 14, 2013

    Pic of one young lady is no longer present w/ the rest. What became of her?
    I have a pic of her saved. But I see no way of posting it.

  3. By Bob, June 14, 2013

    A pic of one young lady is no longer present. Why?

    • By admin, June 14, 2013

      Maybe you saw it on this page

  4. By IsraeliGirl143, July 8, 2014

    These pretty girls look intense!

  5. By heyjules, July 8, 2014

    Wow, some of these women are stunning : )

  6. By Titus Vespa, August 24, 2014

    So these sluts kill the poor Palestinian children (500 and counting)

    • By Michael Wackers, October 9, 2014


      The hamas gangsters & thugs are responsible for every palestinian

      civilian killed, because they intentionally put them in harm’s way!


  7. By Mark, January 20, 2015

    Those ladies are awesome. Truly God’s people.
    Wow! Do they like Canadian men? Just kiddin.
    Fight the good fight.

  8. By shafiq, January 31, 2015


    • By bel, April 7, 2015

      That’s the reason why Israel is a blessed country they allow their women to participate in the country’s defence with no conviction and discrimination. Unlike Muslim countries they never allow their women they don’t even allow them to drive a vehicle. How can they expect to win a war with Israel? Unless of course in a coward way which by the way they are famous of. Muslim women really are a second class citizen of the world

    • By Muhamad Wazeer, April 25, 2016

      Shafiq – you are a PIG! Asshole! Just go and die by your own brothers – ISIS/ISIL/SATAN

    • By Anonymous, August 17, 2017

      Yer a piece of shit you moslem filth. Go to hell. Actually I hope one of those women sends you there. Allah Conzier.

  9. By shafiq, January 31, 2015

    rael cruel. No country in the world named ‘israel’ !!!!!! Allahuakbarr !!

  10. By John DeCosta, February 10, 2015

    The women listed here are all so very beautiful and talented. I am sure they are of the best Israeli Soldiers. I am proud of them. I saw #339 and I thought she was pretty special! Love to hear from her!

  11. By Anonymous, February 10, 2015

    The women listed here are all so very beautiful and talented. I am sure they are of the best Israeli Soldiers. I am proud of them. I saw #339 and I thought she was pretty special! Love to hear from her!
    I have not made a comment here before.

  12. By John DeCosta, February 10, 2015

    Do they have information on how to contact these women?

  13. By wati, June 21, 2015

    I am from Nagaland and I support Israel. God bless Israel.

  14. By Realist, July 2, 2015

    Actually the most brave female fighters in the world are currently in daily bloodthirsty battles against ISIS defending their land, defending their people and surrounding people from rape/torture/mutilation/enslavement… and losing their lives in the hundreds weekly!

    They are the female warriors of the YPG Kurds!

    And the irony of this piece is that it is the very Israel and USA that are refusing to arm them or allow them to be armed to defend themselves!

    No what you see above is a bunch of glamour puss desk jockeys/reservists who spend their time taking selfies in make-up whilst the true brave female warriors wear blood/sweat and gunpowder as makeup in daily combat!

  15. By Fred Mitchell, July 30, 2015

    Israeli military women, are the best in the world,they can get the job done.

  16. By Rob, May 6, 2017

    As an nurse(RN,BSN),I have the highest respect for all those great IDF nurses,who have been doing an excellent job in saving so many lives out there,even in the line of fire,while risking their own lives just to save another life,including the lives of those other Palestinian murdering wild savages,who enjoy going around shooting, and stabbing to death more innocent Jews,and Christians.The IDF is now considered one of the best armies in the world today,including all the beautiful women serving proudly in the IDF,and they also deserve total respect.May Hashem continue to bless and protect Israel always.Eat bullets,bombs,and dust Hamas!

  17. By shane desrosiers, June 28, 2017

    good luck and god bless you all

  18. By Dale Love, July 25, 2017

    I agree with the idea Israel has for the military and if these women are in deed part of that then I support them all the way. Just never seem so many blonde and redheaded Israel ladies…wonder how much of these are staged…

  19. By Jose, July 25, 2017

    So beautiful woman and im support all of them

  20. By gary shemwell, August 18, 2017

    yes very nice ,have a hard job in a very bad time . but a little to much on some pics , just saying all are beautyful ,but ass pic makes hole thing seem cheap , takeing away from great job they are doing

  21. By Michael, August 21, 2017

    I have been deployed to Israel many times as a US soldier in support of Israel! Love Israel, Love the people and the women! I wish I could go back all the time!!!

  22. By James Carroll Phillips Jr, September 7, 2017

    They are the chosen. So I stand behind them. Heck that was one of the remedies I had for desert storm and the U.S. did not like my comment on situation so when reinlistment came up the would not let me. But besides God named them his chosen So will stand behind them matter the cost.

  23. By Gerald, December 20, 2017

    Let them search Wikipedia and the truth will help you. Teach them to ask question that will lead them to what is truly happening. Eg. who ban Israel for being Israel? Do not say the conclusion, such As they are evil. Say the story behind the conlosoin.

  24. By Anonymous, January 24, 2018

    I would love to marry one an Israelí female solder

  25. By Anonymous, March 28, 2018

    Where are Ethiopian Jews soldiers? Hmmmmmm!

  26. By Henry, June 5, 2018

    Don’t mess with the apple of Gods eye!

  27. By Joe, October 24, 2018

    Hellow lady ,love ya

  28. By Rick, December 27, 2018

    With all those beautiful Israeli girl soldiers I’ll move there to feel safer or come come here.

  29. By Dennis, April 5, 2019

    I don’t believe any of these young ladies were even born when I served there during the Gulf War. But I met their parents and had a great time. I was proud to serve with them! If the bar “B52’s” is till in Haifa have a beer for me! I was there the day they put up the sign !

  30. By DISRAEL 1., December 9, 2021

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