Female Israeli Soldiers Who Defeated 100 Terrorists

December 6, 2023  

In the aftermath of the October 7 attacks, the valiant all-female unit of the Israeli Defense Force emerged victorious against a formidable force of 100 Hamas terrorists in intense combat. The Daily Mail’s Nick Pisa and Roland Hoskins journeyed to southern Israel to engage with Lieutenant Colonel Or Ben Yehuda and the remarkable soldiers of the Caracal Battalion, the exclusive all-female frontline unit within the Israeli Defense Forces.

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  1. I served in the Marines way back in 58 at age 17. I would’ve been proud to fight alongside you guys. You are tough, if not even tougher than most male counterparts. I always supported Israel going back to the “6day war”. It’s something that I will never forget. I learned a lot in the Marines. Most of my officers thought I was a little war crazy. I didn’t care then I wanted to fight. I hope you guys don’t have an attitude like mine. That’s it for now. Stay strong. You’re never forgotten

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