Report: Muslim Convert Cat Stevens Has a Jewish Brother

April 10, 2014  

Most people know that Steven Demetre Georgiou – also known as Cat Stevens – converted to Shia Islam at the height of his musical career in 1977, when he was a well-known international rock star, taking on the name Yussuf Islam. Stevens was introduced to Islam by his brother David – who, according to sources, is Jewish.

Both Stevens and his brother, David Gordon, were raised as Greek Orthodox Christians. In several inteviews given over the years, Stevens said that he had long been interested in spiritual issues and had been searching for spiritual satisfaction for many years, with the lyrics of his best known songs attesting to this search. According to Stevens, he first learned about Islam in 1976, when his brother gave him a Quran, a souvenir from a trip to Jerusalem.

After he converted to Islam, Stevens gave up the music business, recording only Islamic-oriented works until about a decade ago, when he gradually began a return to pop music. On Wednesday night, he performed on national TV in the US, as a musical guest on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

According to news site Showbiz411, Stevens “is Muslim by a choice he made in 1978 — ironic since his brother, also raised Greek Orthodox, converted to Judaism around the same time.” 

Gordon, who lived in Israel for several years, is the co-founder (with Yael Drouyannoff) of Peace Child Israel, which teaches coexistence using theater and the arts. The group, according to its web site, “educates for democratic values, tolerance and mutual respect. Arab and Jewish teens work with counterparts from around the country to create original dramas about coexistence. The plays, in Arabic and Hebrew, are performed for family, friends and the public at-large.” 

David worked with his brother for many years, with reviewers calling him an “integral part” of his brother’s concerts.

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  1. Aninymous says:

    1 comment:
    Anonymous 22 May 2021 at 10:42
    Dr Moayyad Al kamali AKA the “Tripoli Bad Grass” is known to the Russian federation as a
    Government employee (agent) vetted by both the FBI and CIA (who politically endorse the
    torture and killing of Palestinians),before he worked within US terrortories.Allegations made
    against this Doctor include espionage,torture,money laundry,sexual abuse,false
    imprisonment,kidnapping,extortion and connections to drug cartels.The Government (Bidens
    only friends) refused to comment on why one of their agents was found holding down three jobs
    at the same time!! one as the President of St Andrews College Alumni Association in
    Dublin,another as the Dead Doctor in a hospital and finally found double parked next to Mr
    Putins london Embassy,with over 20 Million Gross hidden in various bank accounts around the
    world!! Hotels are somewhat synalominous places and Emmigrating radio signals are
    unfortunately for Doctor Kamali in his absence hour an excepted form of evidence in court trials.
    IN LONDON.MR MOAYYAD AL KAMALI is a Medical Doctor from London. This person was born
    in April 1967. MR MOAYYAD AL KAMALI is Irish and resident in Ireland. This company officer is,
    or was, associated with at least 2 company Doctors roles.Companies associated with this officer
    had at least £6,888,675 shareholder value and £2,434,017 cash in recent accounts.Wedgewood
    Hotel Management has been in this business field for at least four years. Started under
    09092355, this company is classified as a Private Limited Company. there have been three
    directors: Mohammed Al Kamali, Moayyad Al Kamali and Majid Al Kamali……Wikiwritz

  2. Thingsforhootz says:



    Wagner Group: The Kremlin’s proxy army:

    1.As a private military company, an opaque amalgamation of shadowy firms and contractors, Wagner has no official links to the Kremlin. But its ties to Yevgeniy Prigozhin, a close associate of Vladimir Putin and former restauranteur.

    2.Wagner independently concludes contracts for its activities. But before concluding a contract, it coordinates within the structures of the Russian . Government most likely the defence ministry.”

    Dmitry Utkin is the founder of the infamous Wagner mercenary group,Utkin is the veteran of both Chechen wars and has participated in the Russian operations in Ukraine in 2014. He served in the GRU until 2013, after which he commanded a Spetsnaz unit, earning the rank of a lieutenant colonel. In 2013 he joined the Moran Security Group and in 2014 he established the Wagner Group, named after his nom de guerre his old callsign “Wagner.”A photo recently surfaced of Utkin with Nazi tattoos, giving additional proof of his ideological leanings.

    PUBLICATION N0. 16458825

  3. GRASSPORT says:

    You know the UK isnt a safe place for people living there let alone young persons that arrive from the world so we got thinking..hey, so this site WIKIFREAKS will most certianly help solve some problems for the IDF.Believe the UK (London) has hundreds of thousands of “hidden” far right wing people,they maintain an order and forget Israel for a minute they dont even like us.The problem with the UK is it has become a safe haven for many bad people, so please if you do visit the UK or work here be very very careful their are many THAT DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES.

  4. GRASSPORT says:

    In case you may be wondering I never talk about myself when I write however I dont drink ,smoke or eat pork and like Muslims.Thats it really nobody want to see wars and poverty and nobody should bother Israel,it should be left alone FOREVER.

  5. WIKISNEAKZ says:

    Posted by: WIKIFREAKS | November 25, 2021 at 07:37 AM

    More sites on the desturbed antisemitic journalist Albert Smith Irish Independent.

    Posted by: WIKIFREAKS | November 25, 2021 at 07:48 AM

    Wikifreaks – Wikispooks › wiki › Wikifreaks

    Rowson on Cameron’s “morals” | Shiraz Socialist › 2011/12/19 › rowson-on-camerons-morals
    19 Dec 2011 · 22/03/2021 · WIKIFREAKS « on: April 06, 2021, 03:09:16 pm » The Racist … Wikifreaks – Wikispooks › wiki › Wikifreaks

    26 Dec 2015 · Wikifreaks World Vision by wikifreaks – Issuu … Wikifreaks – Wikispooks › wiki › Wikifreaks. W.W.V 16458825.

    Am I going down the Google plughole of alternative sites? › 2020/02 › am-i-going-down-google-plug-of
    20 Feb 2020 · and this is Dark Politrix bringing it to YOU!!!! and everyone else…. Wikifreaks – Wikispooks

    Potential Whistleblower Named But Not Proven – Independent Sentinel › potential-whistleblower-named-but-not-pr…
    31 Oct 2019 · Wikispooks have been around for years,they have produced Wikifreaks – The Dedman Files,everything from COVID -19 to the Russian invasion .

    ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson riding shotgun for this kid – Gangland Ireland › 2009/11 › fat-freddie-thompson-riding-sh…

    Posted by: WIKIFREAKS | November 25, 2021 at 07:52 AM

  6. WIKISNEAKZ says:

    MI6 sting operation against the Irish Statutory Body GSOC – The Resignation of Chairman Simon O Brien a former British Police Officer.

    Heres the site below its prohibited find out for yourselves by tapping link below.

    weve stripped out the contents of the site and pasted it onto this page its the pdf file below entitled Andrew Dedman MI5 just click onto the wording Andrew Dedman MI5.


    Paste Andrew Dedman MI5 at Yahoo or Google search engines for more info on this fascist creep,according to dark web sources he basically tampered with British Government computer systems and then exported the data to Ireland where far right wing “patsys” made good with the stolen and “faked” info to pay for their cars and houses.

    Reliable net sources explain that Andrew Dedman was a former British Army officer who was assigned to work in the police for a time in specialist work but later on in his career left the police in mysterious circumstances, that till this day have never been truly explained.We know from wiki-obtained police data whilst in the British army Dedman worked in south America, and was allegedly involved in espionage work involving operations against South American communists,he was assigned the warrant number 1001 whilst in the police and the last known location for Dedman as a police officer was in an intelligence gathering unit in the City of London,International net sources found Dedman working in Turkey shortly after leaving the police by the Israel Intelligence service.Turkey as everybody knows is the gateway for heroin into Britain and Ireland.Below url is an introduction to Andrew Dedman,remove the wording from the site as jpgs add to your desktop and use magnifier application to read properly.

    Dublin solicitor and recognised political Author, kieran Conway (featured above photo) was involved in a District court case in Bray town County, Wicklow,Ireland in we believe 2015,it was a political court case were right wing Journalist Albert Smith lied to convict a left wing socialist writer/net sign poster.The socialist was apparently held on Britsh Intelligence files even before he came to Ireland to live,and had previous dealings with Dedman in the past in the Uk,It is Dedman who is thought to have generated the files about the socialist that were leaked illegally to Irish sources but not officially given to the Gardai.

    During the court case in 2015 the Gardaí presented mere here say as evidence in the form of a speech read out in court by Albert Smith,were Smith himself attended a court hearing and talked about matters such as the CIA and threats made against him with weapons. Smiths speech convicted the socialist on weapons charges and the socialist was sent to prison.Albert Smith is a known and published far right wing fascist (his previous newspaper articles and promotional work as a sub-editor of the Irish independent newspaper on convicted fascist and author David Irwing proves this).

    Articles of interest have in the past appeared on the net providing valuable evidence that explains the socialist stated in emails to an unnamed source at the time that Smith purposely lied in court by seemingly using a prepared and premeditated false speech,and that the judge accepted in court hear say evidence contained within Smiths own concocted political lies.According to a blog spot web site on the dark web internet discussion came to the conclusion,that by accepting the mere word of Journalist Albert Smith a known far right wing liar in court without any actual witness or any evidence the judge falsely imprisoned the socialist not for an alleged weapons offence that the socialist stated he never committed anyway, but as the blog writers suggested for being found guilty by the far right of being a socialist that exposed a ring of spys operating in Ireland under orders of the British Government.This known espionage activity was exposed through socialist political write ups that the public otherwise would never have read about and was leaked out in the left wing British political press.

    In short the socialist investigated what is now termed as “Gardagate” and in the process exposed a cover up by Albert smiths newspaper the Irish Independent of Simon O Brien being a former British police officer as chairman of GSOC and his alleged involvement of being part of an alleged MI6 sting operation to “grab” Irish state intelligence held by GSOC.Like Dedman the socialist has always maintained that it was possible the British Government transferred OBrien to Ireland.

    The court case is databased and more information can be found about Albert Smith as an alleged MI6 dogsbody on the net type Albert Smith MI6 below site is evidence that the journalist worked as a sub editor on the Irish Independent see site below:

    Various internet allegations can be found that indicate that Albert Smith worked on Andrew Dedmans generated data bases over a period of many years and that some of the data based files(The Dedman Files) were allegedly transfered secretly by Dedman himself to amongst other the Store street Garda station (against human rights treaties) as these files were held secretly in Ireland by “black” cops.

    One article indicates the area where Smith lives (Shop river County Wicklow) was data based by Dedman back in 2002 and that Dedmans own pirated and stolen supplied data (block data,many thousands of types of files passed between bent cops without authorisation) was used by the “patsys” in the Dublin/Wicklow area were Smith lives to help pay the bills.The Gardaí themselves were quite happy to allow the local “patsys” to spy on person suspected of travelling in and around the Dublin Mountains on their behalf and spy is the right usage of word hear,the “patsys” were rewarded for their loyalty in pieces of land,discounts,wavers etc obtaining state housing and buildings at cheap rates of purchase,false ids,credit crunching etc etc.

    Left wingers,taxexiles,criminals,suspected IRA members etc who have over the years either fled the UK to live in Ireland for political reasons or set themselves up in business in Ireland where all targeted and followed on behalf of the Britsh and Amercian Intelligence service by “patsys” and bent cops and criminals.

    Both the socialist and Journalist Albert Smith where born in the U.k and so the chances of both these individuals who where technically British,being involved in an alleged false weapons incident together in a remote part of the Republic of Ireland on the top of a mountain isn’t a very likely prospect,especially as the alleged incident happened on farmers private property were the socialist had permission to travel from the local farmers (not roads or footpaths).

    The unnamed socialist always maintained he was never involved in any weapons incident or that he was even present in the area when such an alleged incident occurred.Apparently in other articles found online the socialist claimed he swore in affadavits in court stating he was not present at the alleged incident,It is therefore logical to presume that circumstancially from an espionage angle their is enough online evidence and information to explain an invented incident/counter espionage tactic was used to illegally convict and punish the socialist writer for producing evidence that exposed amongst other Simon O Brien chairman of GSOC as a potential MI6 operative and a former British police officer in the left wing press,this apparent inventory of Albert Smith should by now be setting off political firealarms amongst the International left wing.

    The publications of the socialist are still found on the internet and these articles indicate very clearly that even before Smiths allegations were mad through complaint process an article written by the Socialist exposed Simon OBrien the chairman of GSOC in the British left wing press as a former British police officer, whilst on the other hand Smiths newspaper at the same time the socialist articles were published on Simon OBrien being a former police officer, ran a cover up and didn’t publish or indicate Simon O Brien was a former British police officer .

    The Irish Independent news paper that Albert Smith worked for didnt print this evidence until much later on after Simon O Brien resigned from his job after different allegations were put to SimonO Brien,

    So ask your selves as the readers of this article do you really believe that this socialist writer who exposed a cover up in Smiths own newspaper the Irish Independent just happens all of a sudden to appear before Smith on top of a mountain after exposing his paper running cover ups and then for no apparent reason threatens Smith with a weapon,when the socialist doesn’t even know this chap? it sounds oh so bizare and mathematically inconceivable.The court affadavits even state the socialist wasn’t even in the area when the incident took place and he doesn’t know Smith as a person or even has held a conversation with the man in his entire life.

    Simon OBrien later left his job as chairman of GSOC after internal allegations that he was an MI6 operative used to export GSOC files back to MI5 on mass after espionage activity was suspected at GSOC headquaters.It was the socialists published articles that exposed MI5 knowledge of the IPCC and Simon Obrien obtaining a military based security contract for verimus security to work in screening Irish Government buildings, in a left wing political party news column that really set the rat amongst the greys.

    One of the many articles produced by the socialist explained that the security company sent to Ireland by the IPCC (Verimus) was an MI5 connected company who uses staff from the same British Army regiment that killed Jean De-Menezes, whos death irionically was investigated by the IPCC themselves.The IPCC,MI5 and Simon Obrien collectively obtained the military contract together that got Verimus the work to look for bugs in Simon O Briens Irish offices where he was chairmen of GSOC all a bit to cosey?

    It was leaked out in the Irish Independent that MI6 were involved in looking for bugs in O Briens office however the Independent only talked in half truths and when it came to the delivery it failed,it failed to name at the same time that verimus scanning equipment being used in Simon O Brien office was being used to protect a former British police officer,If it wasn’t for the press leaks in other papers and other sources the public would never have known that verimus where operating in Ireland onbehalf of MI6 and their operatives,the leak outs gave the security services in UK and America the power to confiscate internally all the GSOC records that MI5 now have because essentially there own operatives where under threat,all though Simon o Brien always stated he never fealt threatned,but he would wouldn’t he,so essentially without the press leak outs no confiscation of records by the Americans and British would have been obtainable.The files stolen or sequestrated due to security breaches about Gerry Adams Sinn Fein leader having secret meetings with drug convicted dealer Kieran Boylan would never have been officially found by MI6 and MI5, allegations that Gerry Adams secret meetings have been going on for years is no news however this article is evidence that its a club where the spoils get divided and if you expose espionage publically you can pay a heavy price when publically you force secret agendas into the press.

    Evidence that Verimus security are part of MI5 and have worked alongside them for example the Olympic games contract.

    the socialist was followed from Ireland to Europe where he was involved in publishing Smith was part of an ongoing operation into Drugs/terrorism see article here;

    Albert Smith didn’t care about who he spied upon and the Gardai themselves where always placing and mistaking people in different areas.Smith was stationed according to one internet web site and chosen by MI6 and the British Military to “plant” stories in the independent news paper he wrote an article about convicted fascist David Irwing,Irwing got 3 years for the books he published that were anti semitic also Smith appear on irwings home site promoting irwings banned books incidently no normal journalist would have consented to promote a fascist like Irwing and as Kieran Conways book names fascists it has to be published here that Conways past comments on fascists have been published :

    Kieran Conway went up against Garda Patton and sergeant Heraughty of Enniskerry Garda station when he represented the socialist in Bray court.Another Garda involved in these areas was Garda Cullen formely Stepaside now Dundrum Garda Station,he should have blown the whistle on Heraughty and Patton a pair of right wing state protected spies that work for the American and British Intelligence service.The Garda station at Enniskerry has American police force uniform patches in the window the entire Enniskerry village is a MI6/CIA state protected right wing fascist safe haven,you cant publish sites on an Enniskerry Google entry, the powers that be remove any site placed on Google that lands on Enniskerry,try it for yourselves, and yes they follow your signalex back to where you live so do it somewhere else! If you type Enniskerry Nazi at Google prompt you find a worrying amount of right wing neo fascist sites all connected to this tiny little village in the countryside of Ireland.


    Posted by: WIKIFREAKS | November 25, 2021 at 08:07 AM

  7. Wikisneakz says:

    “Freaking out” on Julian Assange a GREAT sport and formeire
    world visionary.
    London UK British Court report
    Suffice to say from the offset there is apparently a view that the American economy like a dark star will eventually implode.Hypothesis abound,there is a timescale involving Russian gas, Hypersonic missiles and Chinese workers production that are key factors of decentralization of capital so they claim.The problem with the dollar is that it has become contraband in other words its easier to produce fake money than nuclear space engines at present, and the poorest countries in the world as we know dont care about what vehicles deliver on the moon or anywhere else for that antimatter or why the official fakes go through the Arab banking machines, so what you may ask has this got to do with the GREAT smell of “Vivian massage” one CIA. The CIA arent about right or wrong good or bad or even legal matters they are simply about CONTAINMENT in many ways and if you mess,well,you get vissions of Julian Assange broadcasted on every federal chanell all day long and they want it switched back off pronto!. Whilst our darling J hasnt just dabbled he has set out procedures and become in the process a working example on how to redirect and misuse CIA property live on TV ,a shrewd guy to say the least and to be honest hes making multi millions in royalties for a 1001 publishers in “Air time” and thats what weighs in real heavy.

    2. Nobodys interested these days on exact or official numbers of AK 47s held by “hostile”
    organizations 15/20 years ago, In reality,one hypersonic warhead today can obliterate a small
    uprising in nano seconds,simple asJulian Assange case of Brandy Dandy is a mere fleas dropping, an entity hanging around the Americas back door for a few more slurps whilst in the eyes of the CIA the curry and cement stains are visible all over Julians pretty Duffle coat nobody toepokes “Gatman” the Great, former,informer and getz away with “hIT” ***** have you believe the destructions behold of A NEW PRESIDENCY.

    3. Being a clever programmer parasitically Julian knew what he was playing about with when he cracked vaults,remember the last American election when we saw thousands of people telling US live ABC,CNN,FOX and the arrest its going to be a Trump victory? ,where are they know voicing about Americas alleged biggest Espionage cases outcome?? complete fatal silence,nothing ,zuilrch. It was Julians chums according to the CIA that officially scuttled their dearest Hillary, no joke! Yet nobody dares to say what will happen over the next coming weeks in court, no inside linessurely not! if your dealing with the CIA from the start yeah you can disappear through a prison toilet J to make it look good,but really folks in this “Hanger” oh no you dont!, risk prison food for your life? pah nay to bother and One two many question marks.
    Julian did rather well financial from Wikileaks and thats his shortfall and the stumbling block perhaps of the previous Judges in this case, the private sale of diares etc etc,making money from espionage,not to sure. when your in the dock for this believe unless you got the right kinda license smoking dollars out of CIA copyright that not even the Jeff Bozodoodar bandwagon would try ,its a one way ticket, and lets face it J boys paperwork has either been destroyed,blocked and/or expired….thats why certain organizations behind closed doors are predicting a confident 5- 10 minimum year stretch which is what an average UK Burglar gets for “drumming” far right illuminated crumpets on mass and so Julian….remember the likes of US “sneaking” around python codeing for the rest of your dream….one line can change a destiny especially if its filled with rat poison and thats a fact!!!! next time you could

  8. wikisneakz says:

  9. DISRAEL 1. says:

    Solitors notes memoirs taken from “yandex sources” DEDOKTOBER related to previous bellingcat allegations.

    Albert Smith Irish independent Journalist and alleged owner of parpoint publishing admitted in a court case under duress that he assaulted a person over an alleged “litter” incident in which a laptop hard drive was destroyed.A neighbour was filmed and taped on camera admitting that he heard Smith screaming at a person during the assault.The reason we belive Smith admitted in court an incident occured was because The police themselves had access to the film along with a statement and he also knew his neighbor had turned states on him.

    That said and done a number of issues remain to this day that are points of evidence the first and most important are the failings in court by the Judge and police to administrate legal proceedings against Smith for assault and destruction of a hard drive.In law should a person admit to an offense in court it does not make them imune to prosecution, Sergeant John Heraughty who was present at the hearing questioned Smith prior to the hearing who initially denied an assault ever took place and the Judge had the affadavit and film evidence to hand at the hearing.Sergeant john heraughty within law should have stood up in court and stated clearly to the Judge at the point when Smith admitted the incident occured that Smith had lied to him prior to the hearing in stating to him personally there was no incident, however for what ever reason Sergeant Heraughty remained silent in court about his own personal questioning of the matter and subsequently purposely did not provide prosecutable evidence against Smith in court which can be classified as a federal offense in the US.As for the Judge we question as to why he did not immedietly detain and hold smith for admitting to committing a criminal offense during court proceedings that of the criminal offense of liening to a police officer.

  10. Disrael 1 says:

    lets start right from the begining so our readers dont get ED >>> CHARGED,The clinton Foundation is partially CIA oriented, lots of evidence,now Big Bills bezzy number 1 mate in ireland is Dennis O Brien richest dude of all and he owns a pro CIA outlet known as the Irish Independent Newspaper.In the book Clinton cash Obrien is exposed as giving cash gifts to Clinton.Dennis Obrien is therefore known to the CIA as a clandestine member of the foundation, go check out his rewarded telephone contracts with far away countries and how he obtains them and where all the data and recorded calls go to!!/Albert Smith is still paid weekly by Obriens newspaper (yandex hackerz found his not so secret accounts).Smith is a racist that appears in the digital version of Gorings Biography descibing the book as a good offering (sick desturbed person) despite this Smith is still a member in the National Union of Journalists.Smith carries and uses weapons and jumped a writer destroying in the process his laptop hard drive which at the time had 130 or so bitcoins in it which where cheap enough to buy then!!the writer was exposing the irish independent newspaper involvement with GCOC bugging affair with his laptop( his articles can still be found online with there coresponding dated codes and blots) when he was ambushed for no good reason by smith an irish independent sub editor who in a fit of rage grabbed and smashed his equipment on the anniversay date of martin luther kings death..say no more PROVEN..

  11. Friendz of hoof says:

  12. freaked says:

    implementing Article 21(2) of Regulation (EU) 2016/44 concerning restrictive measures in view of the situation in Libya


    Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

    Having regard to Council Regulation (EU) 2016/44 of 18 January 2016 concerning restrictive measures in view of the situation in Libya and repealing Regulation (EU) No 204/2011 (1), and in particular Article 21(2) thereof,

    Having regard to the proposal from the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,



    On 18 January 2016, the Council adopted Regulation (EU) 2016/44.


    On 14 October 2020, the Council adopted Implementing Decision (CFSP) 2020/1483 (2) and Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1481 (3), which designated one person involved in acts that threaten the peace, security or stability of Libya, and who has close links, including financially, to the Wagner Group.

    wiki wonka van

  13. freaked says:

    You know,people who keep quite about nazis are just as guilty as they,of course their are times when people are too afraid to say anything,but how many ordinarypeople know about this desturbed organization known as Wagner.Putin should be asked by Israel Government why he does not serve legal action against them.Its a fact that nearly or even a quarter of Israel persons speak Russian.To any one in the world who reads this please accept my help and forgive my person for being a stupid hoof at times.The above legal was served this month December 2021.

  14. w.w.v says:

    Nazis are evil and satanic they are found today all over Europe including the UK they are a hidden form of order and play people and governments off with each other Wagner is an example of this,Haftar is standing for election in late December in Libya and has approached the Israel Government with new ideas should he gain power he also employs wagner security forces.The uk news service BBC recently exposed Wagner as a nazi based organisation its founder allegedly has offensive markings upon his body and all there new recruited members apparently are issued with digital books that offend any sane minded person.Sorry to freighten readers with this however this organisation really should be removed it is a disgrace to ordinary Russian persons and all other counties of this world…the legal litigation was taken from another blog site and then left here as soon as possible the IDF themselves should collectively be debriefed an article appears on this page about wagner before the legal framework was passed.Respect is due to the Golders green vans!! uk

  15. freaked says:

    EU Imposes Sanctions Targeting Russia’s Wagner Group › … ·
    Updated: Dec. 13, 2021. French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Yves Le Drian (R) talks with European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph …

  16. W.W.V says:

    One Response to Biden’s Summit on Democracy – My Tweets

    Wikifreakz December 25, 2021 at 6:15 pm #

    Ireland is becoming a new “Taiwan with both the Chines and Russians moving in fast,Ideally siuated adjent to the UK a real cold war has started in American is losing!!

    Biden is still “Wako Jako” about the Irish Press.

    The Clintons (Clinton foundation) apparently set up some kinda Uranium purchase deal with the
    Russians years ago,like what the hell is that all about??Lets explain it a different way if the Clintons
    had achieved their goals all the American people would have been left with is double headed snake in command of the entire US… way and certain elements of the CIA and the Global Espionage village saw to that along with Trump and his allies.Julian assange and Wikileaks used Craig Murray to obtain Hilary Clintons emails that finally brought the Clintons empire to an end ,if you know your history youll know what was said to Murray like we do by the “Muels”who handed over Clintons documents.The entire story behind it is double dutch “Andy”,Murray was banned from entering the USA for life for amongst other writing the book and then again why would the CIA allow Clinton to use none encrypted communications??and what where the fedz doing on the day it all happened looking out for suspicious Aircraft?!?

    Thats why at a glance presumably the CIA claimed it was the Russians who where behind hit and hall.In wikifreaks articles in the past Craig Murray was named between the lines as a person working for MI6 agents who got him into America despite his banning order,who themselves as agents are in fact working for Putin,there are plenty of double and triple agents in the UK and Ireland to prove this theory and we are completely sure that not only did the New York press get the emails but Starebear the Kraut himself personally read through them before the NYC went to press.

    Nobody in their right minds would have touched Clintons emails,unless they had insurance and diplomatic protection,not after the wacko nobody

    The book Clinton cash names the richest man in Ireland Dennis Obrien as a clandestine member,it
    stands to reason that the foreign contracts he obtained chanel Intel back to the CIA and that the
    newspaper outlet he owns in Ireland (The Irish Independent) employs and still pays NUJ
    Diplomatically protected Government agents that have worked for the Police that carry and
    use firearms, as well as lie in courts and have immunity from prosecution.Dennis Obrien is a CIA
    handler/Operative thats explained beyond any questionable doubt and employs a large
    intelligence gathering organization based in both Ireland and abroad that continues to use “Wagner” style security operatives that nobody as yet in the world media has bothered to disclaimed before now.

    Dennis O briens empire is worth Billions of dollars not thousands of Euros and many hundreds if not thousands of his foreign operatives and operations are American state protected.Russian spy boats are commonly found these days allegedly planting data detection devices in the West of Ireland along Ocean cable networks whilst O brien himself has been exposed by Western media has having invested Billions in security based contracts and under water cabling systems linked to CIA gathering outlets one project is rumoured as being Cuban based.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    Biden’s Summit on Democracy – My Tweets – United Push Back – December 9, 2021

    […] post Biden’s Summit on Democracy – My Tweets appeared first on James […]

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  17. Albert Smith Irish Indepent says:

    Albert Smith Irish Independent : NUJ COVER UP

    Journalism and Politics share an essential common thread,once something is publically stated there is no turning back.David Irvings book Gorings Biography was subject to a court case in which this book itself was used as evidence,in summary Judge Gray renounced Irving as an antisemitic,racist holocaust denier for production,others including British politicians have gone further correctly naming Irving as a fascist.Albert Smith Irish Independent sub editor appears today inside the Digital Version of Gorings Biography describing this book in his own words as quote “a good offering” and a book that is “unlikely to raise hackles”.Internet allegations include Smith as having a form of diplomatic immunity that protects him from being prosucted in courts and removal from the National Union of Journalists,apparently he can be be found as a named antisemitic journalist inside of Owen Jones “Wikiwand” site.
    BBC News | UK | Judge: Why Irving had to lose
    [Search domain] uk_news
    It took Judge Charles Gray 300 strongly-worded pages to set out why he had found David Irving to be a Holocaust denier, an anti-Semite and a racist.


  18. MARK KEOGH says:

    Roger Amick said…

    January 1, 2022 at 4:55 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Clinton Foundation needed false passports,they used Dennis OBrien richest man in Fireland to get them,It was John Heraughty who signed false passport forms knowingly,he worked closely with other Wicklow Government agents one of them was Dr MOAYYAD AL KAMALI who as a doctor in the UK allegedly signed countless of muslim double agents up.They became a gang in Fireland…just check the records DR MOAYYAD AL KAMALI had three jobs at the same time aswell as being a doctor right next to the Russian Embassy in London…too much of a coincidence mathematically and within probability,he owns the WEDGEWOOD HOTEL and is listed by the Russian Federation as a BRITISH INTELLIGENCE VETTED person.Trump was right the Clinton Foundation supplied 1000s of false IDS to terrorists and other muslims that hid them…

    January 1, 2022 at 5:20 PM

  19. WIKIFREAKS says:

    KIERAN CONWAY SOLICITORS January 2, 2022 at 6:12 pm – Reply

    There is somewhat a political question mark hanging above Irish Solicitor Kieran Conway and like a hangmans noose is just waiting to be ‘pulled” .His own indecisive actions towards named antisemitic Albert Smith Irish Independent in not reporting this person as being dipolmatically protected from prosecution to organizations such as Sinn Fein after Smith admitted in court to committing offences infornt of a judge without being charged with his own barristar freeman as witness and also the ability to not readily act upon internet evidence which is plain to see that the NUJ is protecting and refusing to remove Smith from the NUJ for appearing in fascist David Irvings digital Book Gorings Biography describing in it the book as being quote a “Good Offering” when he himself has in the past accused others of being quote” fascists” in his own writings is to put it bluntly beyond indefensible and more than a mere inference could be drawn.
    January 2, 2022 at 7:19 PM
    KIEARAN CONWAY SOLICITORS IRELAND January 2, 2022 at 6:15 pm – Reply


    In short Albert Smith Irish Independent Newspaper has never publically apologized for his printed quotes found in the digital version of fascist David Irvings Book Gorings Biography that of the book being “a good offering” hes had his chance,he is a Diplomatically protected firearms user that the NUJ itself is aware of and he is at the least Antisemitic.Smiths publishing company is easily found on US “BING” search engine and is known as Parpoint whilst Irvings publishing venture is known as Parforce?? No question about it.

    As for Solicitor Kieran Conway Ireland hes never given evidence against Smith or about the Irish Police or the Judge he could have notified the press and TV channells.Ireland itself will be held responcible as the entire Irish Government is aware of Albert Smith yet nobody dares to mention this episode in Irish History in any media outlet of a Journalist smashing up a writers laptop and not being charged for the offence.
    January 2, 2022 at 7:54 PM

  20. W.W.V says:

    PARPOINT publishing is found on linkenden and is a (net based) organization managed by an alleged British member of the National Union of Journalists that had allegations made against it of being antisemitic removed by Joe Elliot from a Bellingcat post on the grounds that the information source came from anonymous Russian “Yandex” based hackers.

    Despite this set back further investigations and continued ongoing server monitoring of certain known extreme right wing Internet sites that promote fascism finally provided the hackers using Russian servers with the break through required to gain evidence and names that identify and proved beyond any scientific doubt whatsoever that this named “Google” listed enterprise is being used by convicted neo fascists to help raise finance and promote far right wing propaganda.

    Parpoint can be clearly seen and witnessed on far right wing internet sites allowing other discredited racist publishing outlets the continued misuse of their own privately created copyrighted material.

    Today with apparent approval, personalized work produced by Irish Independent Newspaper formed PARPOINT appears discriminatively printed inside of the introductory chapter of the Internationally condemned and digitally (revised ) production of this neo fascist publication Gorings Biography, which was published later on after a high profile court case surrounding the paper edition.

    Written by an immensely disliked and condemned convicted nazi sympathizer of the Criminal organization Parforce that served three years in prison for far right wing activity, Gorings Biography cost the authors more than 2 million in court fines for its production,the Judge branding Parforce members as being racist,antisemitic,holocaust denying nazi sympathizers for writing,printing and placing into public domain the sale of this said item.

    At present without the possibility of any future ,forseeable legal intervention against parpoint there exists a growing concern that as an overseeing body the National Union of Journalist in allowing Parpoint writers to remain as life members within the NUJ itself , in these circumstances constitutes a substantially political risk that consequently has not only been identified however unless immediately resolved will perceivably place this organization within other countries legal parameters.

    Further political concerns of the NUJ endorsing the continued misuse of attributed NUJ members copyrighted material to convicted racists for promotion and financial purposes bears even more serious legal issues The warning here being that the NUJ could well fall as an organization , not only to press
    opinion, but also to International Courts if it fails to act quickly in not overcoming the obvious difficulties it is seemingly experiencing at present in its failure in substantiating and identifying for itself the criminality set out before it within this document.

    The NUJ may also wish to consider very carefully any further consequences that could arise from allowing a further Irish/American Government cover up of a holocaust denial digital publication that contains Irish Independent newspaper endorsement and copyright.

    Many Individuals,organizations,writers and even Political parties across International borders can now perceive this highly organized form of (de criminalized?) antisemitism and racism as more than just a mere internal NUJ affair and without doubt perceive this privately maintained ongoing enigma as not just an attack on human rights issues but a complete hindrance to their own political and idealogical writing beliefs and freedoms.

    In demonstrating an irresponsible able attitude in helping to create fear and uncertainty within the general public and risking the safety of persons that are personally persecuted and suffer from these types of orchestrated and antisemitic publishing crimes Parforce still relies upon the activity of “consent” from Parpoint that helped produced the overall copyright of Gorings Biography digital version under the barbaric form of “sacred trust” .

    Yandex based Investigative journalism has already publically provided through “blog sites“ more than enough insight to show that Parforce publishing represents the financial and political interests of the holocaust denier author that was fined more than 2 million dollars for writing Gorings Biography in the first instance and in the process successfully identified the author as the main culprit and key member behind the discovery of a highly organized ongoing operation that has yet to be stopped in its tracks – that purposely incorporates the act of supplying modified criminality

    It is no longer Parpoint claiming this sick neo fascist book is quote “a good offering” however it is seen that Parforce is proclaiming justification by association.

    Parpoint media services produced material is unquestionably being misused by parforce and is undermining the very ethics of accepted journalism,and whilst left legally un challenged is a historical reference itself.

    For the record It was derived that journalist Albert Smith formely of the Irish Independent newspaper who now advertises himself as a Government contracted agent ,during the investigative production of the Bellingcat allegations made against him was infact proven to have worked for both the police in the role of a member of the NUJ and a copyright provider for a convicted racist criminal at the same time.

    Many other disgraceful allegations are found scattered upon the Internet exposing this former Sub Editor as being amongst other a British person involved in intelligence gathering work, Notably though he is a person whom despite newspaper and media connections has never anywhere online to date publically denied involvement with the production of todays digital version of Gorings Biography or since the court hearings surrounding the books production personally in any way at all condemned its publication or the author or reissue of the digital publication with his own enclosed copyright material contained within it.Until publically stated otherwise by a legal authority this form of writ shall here be provided as pending evidence.It is perceived that naming the Author of Gorings Biography in this article would only serve to promote ideological far right beliefs the writer is a disgrace to the human race..Both Parpoint and Parforce are condemned here in within this document as publishing companies.

    In the application of “mens rea” any claim that the name of Parpoint has not been derived from the Blood and Honour of the two publishing companies printed and published in Gorings Biography known as Parforce and Focal Point is a question that now seemingly must have to be answered within International law itself.

    W.W.V No. 4536737

  21. Lez Freak says:

    Anonymous1 March 2022 at 13:57

    The recent resignation of Police Commissioner Dick and the intervention of the Lord Mayor of London undoubtedly landmarks London Town,the Capital of the UK, as a despotic break away separatist state that has decided to sever itself from ordinary citizens.

    Not regarding ourselves as being British and advocating an end to Monarchy and the begining of a Republic here upon this island it is stated clearly as writers and publishers we are never returning to London until the country is proclaimed a Republic.

    It is not our intentions to ever set foot within the boundry lines of the Metropolitan areas until this is achieved.Last year 2021 we witnessed police officers being convicted of being murderers,rapists and terrorists.

    To the millions that freely choose to live the rest of their lives in London who are normal and left wing we wish you every kindness not supporting political violence we do not wish ourselves to suffer any longer the far right inside of the Metropolitan area.London is now under command and control of other Governments agents and Global finance.The Police and criminals and espionage agents,drug cartels and organized crime gangs work together collectively with the “New Order” we want no part of this separatist states inflicted violence and corrupt courts and mafia controlled health systems.
    This is written as a 40km Russian Army convoy heads towards Kievvvvvvv.

    A.N Other Freak. 01/ /02/2022

  22. wikifreaks says:

    ONE March 3, 2022 at 2:54 pm – Reply
    The Ukraine Government is to blame for the countless deaths that have occured NOT RUSSIA.Before the tanks rolled over the UN recognized Boundary lines Russia itself outlined very clearly their intentions and requested that the Ukraine Government surrender first so that no bloodshed would pursue.

    Lets explain things another way before 911 the pilots knew they wernt going to be stopped,JFK was a “Sinch” as some stated at the time.

    The Russians know through espionage and members of the Ukraine Government and Ukraine Military exactly where the president of Ukraine is AT ALL TIMES.

    It would only take 25 SU 57 Bombers and say the same amount of regular fighters to remove the Ukraine President within 2 to 3 hours,they may get say ten planes out of 40 – 50 strike aircraft if they are lucky but to be honest it would end the war completely within a day ONE.

    Thermo Bombs are NOT stoppable, The President of Ukraine should surrender within the next 24 hours PERIOD, he and his Government are guilty of the deaths within the Ukraine NOT Russia or Putin .Russia would have only have fired back at the small minority who would have resisted against Ukraine Government orders.

    Putin has been called a Kraut and a person who has lost his mind,whilst Wagner Security are fascists and Putin eats off their plate the President of Ukraine and the Ukraine Government are held responsible for Ukraine and Russian deaths PERIOD NOBODY ELSE.It is expected that their are persons that will call for the Ukraine President to be executed or Placed into prison for the entirety of his natural life if captured for his alleged war crimes against the Ukraine and Russian people.If the Ukraine president has any decency left he will surrender and dissolve the Ukraine Government within the next 24 hours, he is undoubtedly at present suffering from some form of Delusional Disorder.

  23. My cat says:

    My cat visited your site,although he is fond of Jews he did a big scpoop here.
    Bye 4 now.

  24. Friendz of Hoof says:

    The Irish Political party Sinn Fein are splattered across the world wide web as advocating Democratic Socialism,sooner or later somebody is going to ask the burning question.
    For too long Sinn Fein have remained silent about the legal system in Ireland not requiring evidence in courts,the prison service falsely holding prisoners,using Doctors for political reasons.
    Remaining silent is a form of guilt.
    Last year allegations appeared upon the Bellingcat blog for a short while.The allegations outlined that Dennis OBriens Billionaire businessman was aware that his newspaper copyright was and still is being used by Convicted neo Fascist members of Parforce.
    Both The Russian Embassy and Sinn fein politicians have been given evidence and Russian servers don’t make mistakes as they produce and gain evidence.
    The base line is that Sinn Fein wont be allowed to be falsely listed as a party with Socialist intent anymore.

    W I K I F R E A K S W.W.V 16458825 Why is the NUJ not being … › LONDONTOWN › comments

    5 Mar 2022 — W I K I F R E A K S W.W.V 16458825 Why is the NUJ not being investigated over racist allegations? W.W.V 16458825 w.w.v copyright owned.

  25. Anonymous says:


    (i) Owen Jones British Guardian Newspaper alleged liar :

    The Dangerous Lies of Guardian Columnist Owen Jones About Israel-Hamas War

    Rachel O’Donoghue
    December 4, 2023

    (ii) Owen Jones British Guardian alleged propagandist :
    How did it became so right-on for people on the left to denigrate women and Jews?

    Hadley Freeman
    December 05, 2023

    (iii) Owen Jones British Guardian Newspaper alleged of being an ideological hypocrite

    Stephen Pollard
    May 04, 2020

    (iv) Owen Jones British Guardian Newspaper alleged dishonesty :

    failure to engage with the National Union of Journalists regarding Google/BING/Yahoo/Yandex
    named reported NUJ Racists Sympathizer.

    Nairaland Article : 30/11/2023


    British Guardian Newspaper Journalist Owen Jones who claims to be a radical leftist journalist has been recently contacted about the public allegations found online made against the NUJ,Jones of course himself having exposed Conservative UK MP Gove in the press for owning convicted racist David Irvings Parforce publications.As a journalist he is empowered to make a complaint against the NUJ and Albert Smith former Irish Independent
    Newspaper sub editor on the following grounds:

    “ In Math its impossible that the name
    Parpoint publishing isnt derived from
    (PAR)force and Focal(Point) as the
    three companies appear together within
    the same Holocaust denial publication
    Goring Biography… and so the Irish
    police should be questioning British
    National Union of Journalist member
    Albert Smith as to why he intended to
    name his publishing company Parpoint
    outlet after Convicted racist David
    Irvings organization Parforce on the
    grounds that should he lie to the Police
    the courts can then decide to set a
    public hearing…
    par se ! “

    Albert Smith (Parpoint) BRITISH BORN NUJ member is a self confessed racists sympathizer protected from police prosecution.He refuses to stop using the name of PARPOINT or resign from the NUJ despite the evidence hereby provided.The NUJ on the other hand as a body opposed to antisemitic publishers still refuses to remove Smith from their organization which seemingly acts against International protocol,which is both a legal and political issue.
    # posted by Anonymous

  26. Anonymous says:

    Jewish intervention !

    ***Allegations made against the UK National Union of Journalists.***

    Dr Dominic Green very recently supplied Elon Musks publishing
    outlet “X” with a very damaging and controversial statement aimed
    at UK Guardian Journalist Owen Jones,at about the same time more or
    less when a statement was issued in Nairaland/wikileaks naming
    Owen Jones involvement with far right wing racist David Irving the
    publisher of the Holocaust Denial publication Goring Biography.

    Goring Biography was used as evidence in court to convict
    Irving of being a racist,antisemitic nazi sympathizer and
    producer of Holocaust Denial publications.An NUJ member
    Albert Smith a former senior editor of the Irish Independent
    Newspaper has allegedly named his company PARPOINT from
    the Blood and honour of PARforce and FocalPOINT(Irvings racist
    publishing outlets) and appears inside the digital revised
    Goring Biography describing the publication as quote
    “a good offering”.Irving was fined over 2.5 million
    US dollars in court.

    The NUJ we believe should be investigated for allowing its
    own members to provide copyright to the antisemitic,racist,
    holocaust denial publishers Parforce and allowing its own
    members to appearing in Holocaust Denial publications
    making very obvious disturbed political comments that are
    completely out of context with NUJ policies and guidelines.

    Owen Jones as with many other writers and publishers is very
    much aware of the allegations made against the NUJ for not
    removing Racists sympathizers from the NUJ however
    remains apparently silent upon this entire subject despite
    claiming to be an antifascist and a journalist credited
    Internationally for exposing Conservative MP Gove
    for owning Parforce Propaganda.The Guardian Newspaper
    and other organizations and British politicians were issued
    with press releases some time ago regarding allegations
    made specifically about the NUJ member and his own personal
    involvement with a Parforce Holocaust Denial publication..

    page 16 Goring Biography contains Albert Smiths own
    produced copyrighted material.(PARPOINT)

    page 14 contains the names of the two companies that
    produced Goring Biography digital edition
    named as
    (i) PARforce

    Irving’s claim that the 1991 edition of Hitler’s War and the 1989 biography of
    Göring indicate that he is not a Holocaust denier is not credible when the
    Index references he cites in support of this contention are actually consulted.
    Both books give an account of Nazi policies and actions towards the Jews dur-
    ing the Second World War that is perfectly compatible with the central tenets of
    Holocaust denial as this is normally understood by historians.

    Irving’s connections and relationships with well-known Holocaust deniers are nu-
    merous and often close. They indicate that he is part of a loosely-organized interna- tional network of Holocaust deniers, whose central institution is the so-called Insti- tute for Historical Review. Many of Irving’s contacts with Holocaust deniers are also part of his widespread connections in the world of extreme right-wing politics; these are detailed in the expert reports submitted by Professor Eatwell and Professor Funke.

    Its impossible the company name PARPOINT isnt derived from both (PAR)force and Focal(POINT) as the three companies appear inside the same digitally produced Holocaust denial publication together at the same time.Company names are either randomly or specifically chosen.The math probability of PARPOINT in this instance being randomly chosen should be decided upon inside of a hearing for religous, political and criminal reasons and for the protection of citizens within applicable European and other world countries.

    As writers we condem Parforce and others that support and uphold to their publications. and Thank Nairaland and its writers for allowing this article to appear.

  27. Anonymous says:

    INTEL from various sites might help Israel work out who is who !!


  28. Anonymous says:

    INTEL from various sites might help Israel work out who is who !!


  29. Anonymous says:

    INTEL from various sites might help Israel work out who is who !!

  30. Anonymous says:

    INTEL from various sites might help Israel work out who is who !!

  31. Anonymous says:

    January 17, 2024 at 6:34 pm

    Heres the recent official response to British Guardian Newspaper Journalist Owen Jones regarding the British National Union of Journalists Racists Sympathizer allegations :

    Owen Jones is the David Irving of the British left …
    X · DrDominicGreen
    10+ likes · 1 month ago
    Owen Jones is the David Irving of the British left. And a Guardian columnist.
    Missing: dr ‎| Show results with: dr

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    Owen Jones, a Guardian columnist, is known for his left-leaning views and has written extensively on various political and social issues. While I don’t have direct contact information for him, you can typically reach out to journalists through their official channels, such as their publication’s website or social media profiles.

    Here are some ways you might try to get in touch with Owen Jones:

    The Guardian Profile: Owen Jones is a columnist for The Guardian. You can find his articles and contact information on his Guardian profile page1.

    Social Media: Owen Jones is active on social media platforms like Twitter. You can follow him there and potentially send him a message or tag him in a post. His Twitter handle is @OwenJones842.

    Email: While I don’t have his personal email address, you might find it on his official website or through other publicly available sources.

    Remember that journalists receive a large volume of messages, so it’s essential to be respectful and concise when reaching out. If you have a specific complaint or issue related to the content he has written, consider providing relevant details and evidence to support your case.

    As for the wikifreaks Reddit statement, it appears to raise concerns about the naming of Parpoint Publishing and its potential connection to other entities. Investigating such claims would likely fall within the purview of relevant authorities or legal bodies. If you believe there is a legitimate issue, consider reporting it to the appropriate channels.

    Keep in mind that my response is based on publicly available information, and I recommend verifying any details independently. If you need further assistance, consider seeking legal advice or consulting with relevant experts.

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