Why Egypt is Important for Israel’s Security

March 24, 2012  

The United States and the international community must further press Egypt’s leaders to bolster security along the Israeli-Egyptian and Egyptian-Gazan borders as part of Cairo’s maintenance of its international obligations, including the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

1. Egypt must uphold the peace treaty with Israel.
Cairo must continue to uphold its main treaty commitments: full diplomatic relations; keeping the Sinai as a demilitarized buffer zone; permitting the presence in the Sinai of the U.S.-led Multinational Force and Observers; and maintaining freedom of navigation through the Suez Canal even for Israeli warships.

2. Egyptian security forces must regain control of the Sinai.
Terrorist organizations and Bedouin tribes have exploited this lawless region to step up weapons smuggling and perpetrate a sophisticated attack on the Jewish state, which killed eight Israelis.

3. Enforcement of the blockade against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is essential.
Egypt and Israel have maintained a blockade of the Gaza Strip since Hamas seized power from its Palestinian rival Fatah in 2007. The blockade–which the United Nations Palmer Report deemed legal–is in place to prevent Hamas from importing rockets and advanced weapons that would be used against Israeli civilians.


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