Upping the ante: Putin sanctions Turkey

November 28, 2015  

In a new escalation of the growing tensions between Russia and Turkey after the latter shot down a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border last week, President Vladimir Putin on Saturday launched an economic sanctions package against Ankara.

The measures, which come after a Russian Su-24 jet was downed by Turkey, was revealed by the Kremlin press service on Saturday night.

The decree on “measures providing the national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of its citizens against criminal and other unlawful acts, and on imposing special economic measures in relation to Turkish Republic” was signed Saturday according to the press release.

Several Turkish organizations operating in Russia will be banned by the new sanctions, and the import of certain goods from Turkey will be temporarily banned or restricted.

In a further step, employers in Russia will be forbidden from hiring Turkish nationals starting on January 1, although old employees already working as of December 31 will not be affected.

Putin has also tasked the government with launching a ban on charter flights between the two nations, and Russian travel agencies are now to no longer sell tours to Turkey.

However, bringing Turkish goods into Russia for personal use will still be allowed according to the decree.

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