Terrorist charged for stabbing soldier with screwdriver

June 14, 2016  

Prosecutors have filed charges against Omar Jandab for carrying out a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv last month, in which an IDF soldier was lightly wounded. He is accused of attempted murder and illegally residing in Israel.

Jandab is 18 years old and comes from the Samaria city of Salfit.

According prosecutors, he left Judea and Samaria without a permit in May and began illegally working at a construction site in Givatayim.

As he finished his shift on the afternoon of May 30, Jandab decided to carry out an attack and kill an IDF soldier in the hopes of dying and becoming a shahid, or martyr.

He told his friends of his intention and took a 19 centimeter-long screwdriver from his work site. Around 7:00 p.m. he began looking for a target.

At the same time, an IDF soldier entered Jandab’s field of vision. Jandab began following the soldier, then pulled out the screwdriver and stabbed him in the upper back and head, knocking the victim to the ground.

Despite being knocked prone, the soldier fought back and tried to push Jandab away. He managed to get back onto his feet, at which point Jandab yelled “Allah akhbar” and tried to stab him in the face. The soldier was again able to push away the terrorist, who turned and ran.

Several nearby civilians chased Jandab to the second floor of a residential apartment, where he knocked on a door. He threatened his pursuers with the screwdriver to prevent them from approaching. Police soon arrived and arrested him.

The soldier was rushed to Ichilov Hospital with three stab wounds and was released the following day.

The prosecution’s statement noted that “The defendant, who resided in Israel illegally, carried out an attack that he himself planned, and did so in cold blood. The defendant equipped himself with a screwdriver, and went through the streets of Gush Dan to find a soldier, whom he intended to kill. When the defendant saw the soldier, he followed him, drew the screwdriver, and stabbed him once in his upper back and twice in his head, while yelling ‘Allah Akhbar.’

“As noted, the defendant carried out his action without any fear, in the center of Tel Aviv, during the day and in full view of passers-by. The defendant carried out his actions in the hope of dying and becoming a shahid, which also shows the extreme danger he posed.”

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