TechCrunch visits the home of the Start Up Nation

June 27, 2016  

TechCrunch’s annual “Pitch-Off” event took place in Israel for the first time earlier this month, in yet another nod to Israel’s position as one of the world’s leading hi-tech hubs.

The event saw 10 companies given 60 seconds to pitch their product on stage, as well as speakers including former Israeli President Shimon Peres. It was held in cooperation with Leumi-Tech, the designated department of Bank Leumi which accompanies Israel startup companies.

Jordan Crook, TechCrunch Senior Writer, said she was excited to finally bring the event to the “Startup Nation,” and said it was long overdue.

“Israel has made a name for itself in terms of tech,” she said, noting that Tel Aviv is “the fifth-largest entrepreneurial city in the world, so we really want to be a part of that – we’ve missed out in the past.”

“Israel’s always come to us, so we figured it was about time we came to them,” she added.

TechCrunch Editor At Large Mike Butcher paid tribute to the Israeli “can-do” spirit.

“Often you go to Silican Valley and people will sell you the moon – but they can actually deliver the moon here!” he quipped, while simultaneously remarking on Israeli entrepreneurs’ “downbeat” and “modest” manner.

“The technology that is developed here really is incredibly good, and once you look under the hood to see what’s going on there’s so much to see.”

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