Soldiers get contraceptives as induction present

July 31, 2016  

In addition to the list of hygienic products that soldiers traditionally receive as a present upon induction into the IDF, draftees are now apparently receiving contraceptives in their care packages.

This new inclusion is not universally appreciated, however. Especially among religious draftees, it is often offensive.

“What kind of message does a gift like this give to newly drafted soldiers?” one soldier complained in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

Roi P., who drafted several days ago to an intelligence unit, told Arutz Sheva the embarrassment the gift causes some soldiers, especially religious ones. “We get this cute little package with a bunch of useful hygiene products, which really makes you feel good,” he says, adding, “but that specific product causes embarrassment. I don’t think it’s quite necessary.”

In response to complaints, the IDF has issued a statement: “The contents of the care package will be examined.”

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