Rabbi Yosef Gave Yishai Permission to Form a New Party

March 4, 2015  

Yet another posthumous video recording of the late Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has been released to the public, and reveals that at the very end of his life he gave former Shas head Eli Yishai permission to break off and form his own party, which Yishai recently did in founding Yachad – Ha’am Itanu.

The recording was reported on Wednesday night by Channel 2, and shows statements by the rabbi made from his hospital bed shortly before he passed.

According to the report, sources close to Yishai said the recording showed difficult images given that the rabbi is shown connected to tubes and in a frail health condition, even though he is still shown fully conscious when he was recorded giving Yishai permission to start his own party.

Reportedly several of Yishai’s close sources suggested publishing the recording and even having a rabbi close to Yishai present it at a conference, while others opposed publishing it saying doing so would damage Yishai and his new party, which since forming a joint list with Otzma Yehudit has passed the threshold percentage in every poll.

Shas, headed by Aryeh Deri, responded to the new video by saying “Yishai reveals our voices in public after he rudely breached confidence. This business of Yishai with the recordings enterprise has become pathetic.”

Yishai has argued that he was not involved in the previously leaked recordings, which showed Rabbi Yosef in private meetings condemning Deri for his corruption that had him jailed in 1999 and explaining he didn’t want to reappoint him as head of Shas – and even going as far as to refer to him as “evil.”

Another recording revealed it was Deri who was behind Shas’s position on Oslo, and not Rabbi Yosef as Deri later claimed.

In yet another recording, Rabbi Yosef is seen calling Yishai “my favorite, I love you – you are invited to be with me in the World to Come.”

While Shas may have condemned the “recordings enterprise,” Shas asked that Rabbi Yosef’s children provide them with video footage of the deceased rabbi to be used in a campaign promotional clip, which they refused over growing tensions with Deri.

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