Olmert to be Questioned Over ‘Barak Takes Bribes’ Tape

November 23, 2014  

Channel 10 News reported on Sunday that the police will summon former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for questioning over remarks he made in a recorded conversation, in which he accused former Defense Minister Ehud Barak of “taking millions in bribes”.

The recording in question was made by Olmert’s former close aide, Shula Zaken, and was exposed by Channel 10 several weeks ago. The recording is part of a series of conversations between Olmert and Zaken that Zaken recorded without the former prime minister’s knowledge, and which are now playing a part in Zaken’s testimony against her former boss.

During the conversation, Olmert told Zaken that Barak “takes bribes worth millions and tens of millions” and that he hides the money “in Switzerland or somewhere”.

Barak is not currently under investigation for any wrongdoing, nor is there any evidence that he has any bank accounts in Switzerland.

At the time of the original publication, Barak responded by saying, “There is no foundation for this. It is folly that is unworthy of a response, and certainly these days. One does not judge a person in times of sorrow.”

Police officers quoted by Channel 10 said on Sunday evening that it is unlikely that the issue will develop into a criminal investigation, likely due to the lack of incriminating evidence against Barak. 

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