Obama’s Iran Overtures Show ‘He Doesn’t Get Their DNA’

March 2, 2015  

Former National Security Adviser Maj. Gen. Ya’akov Amidror spoke at the AIPAC conference on Monday, where he was asked about moves such as US President Barack Obama’s overtures to Iran aiming to turn the Islamic regime into an ally, seeking support in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) among other things.

“Iran today is a force of instability in the Middle East,” said Amidror, breaking the “ideology and DNA” of the Islamic republic down into two main fundamental points.

First, Amidror explained that the goal of Iran is to lead the Shi’ite Muslims to try and dominate the Sunni Muslims and rule the Middle East.

“In any place in which there are both Shi’ites and Sunnis we will prevail” is Iran’s ideology, said Amidror, noting “today they did it. They have now, as was explained by them a month ago, they have influence or more than influence in four Arab capitals, in Sana’a, in Baghdad, in Damascus and in Beirut. It (has) never happened in history.”

Responding to those theorizing that Iran could have a positive regional role, he continued “so if someone believes they will become a stabilizing force in the area they do not understand the DNA of this regime.”

The second major principle symbolized by Iran according to Amidror is that Muslim clerics run the state, in what is becoming a strong paradigm in the Middle East as radical Muslim organizations such as ISIS attempt to establish caliphate structures of Islamic rule.

“Islam is the solution. There is some version of what Islam, how Islam…and they are ready to kill each other about the question ‘what Islam,’ but they agree that Islam is the solution,” Amidror noted.

He concluded by comparing the desire to build regional stability on Iran to the attempt to build a palace on ice.

“At the end of the day the sun will be there, and the ice will disappear.”

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