Minister demands Netanyahu deport terrorists’ families

November 24, 2015  

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) turned to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Tuesday, demanding the government decide to deport convicted terrorists and their families. 

Ariel’s letter states that deterrence should be increased in light of cases in which family members knew of the intentions of terrorists to carry out attacks, but had refrained from arresting them or reporting them to security officials.

“In recent months, Israeli citizens are under attack from Palestinian terrorists,” he wrote. “The purpose of the attack is clear: to kill Jews and weaken Israel.”

“Mr. Prime Minister, after 22 people have been murdered It is time to say no more,” wrote Ariel, referencing the number of deaths since October. 

“The Israeli government and the political-security cabinet must make a clear decision to deport terrorists and their families to Gaza or any other country which will accept them. Our country must rid ourselves of these murderers.” 

Ariel reminded Netanyahu that the mother of the terrorist who carried out the attack in Gush Etzion last week knew he planned to launch an attack but decided to keep quiet and look the other way. 

“I am sure that a potential terrorist would think again before going to attack if he knew his father and his mother would be expelled from their homes,” he urged. “I wish to bring to the Cabinet a draft resolution that will allow the government to expel the terrorists, in addition to the demolition of their homes.” 

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