May Golan declares intention to enter Knesset

June 23, 2016  

May Golan, the CEO of Hebrew City, appeared on Fox News in order to discuss the social problems she sees in Israel and to announce that she will run for a seat in the Knesset.

“What Hillary Clinton is saying here in the US is exactly what’s been happening in Israel with the left radical organization,” she told Sean Hannity. “They have been trying to bring, and successfully I might add, over a hundred thousand illegal infiltrators, the majority of whom are Muslim. The majority of them are from Eritrea, from Sudan, and (they are) basically helping them get citizenship in Israel.”

Hebrew City is an organization dedicated to improving conditions and restoring the “Hebrew character” to Tel Aviv, particularly its southern neighborhoods. Golan says that she founded the group in response to increasing crime on the part of African infiltrators to the area.

Golan tried to put the issue into perspective for an American audience. “Right now we have 150,000 immigrants and I have to explain… Israel is the size of New Jersey. Israel cannot take so many infiltrators into her. And the biggest problem is that those infiltrators are coming in thinking they should dilute the Jewish majority in Israel. They should change the Jewish character of this nation.”

Building on this point, she claimed that the extreme left is helping the infiltrators as part of its efforts to end Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.

“Those people do not believe that a Jewish country has any right to exist whatsoever. With the millions that are being funded by the NIF, that are radical anti-Zionist leftists in Israel, they are helping them to change every possible neighborhood and city in Israel.”

Hannity asked if she has had much criticism for her strong views. Golan answered that she has faced such an unjustified backlash that “the word racist has just lost all meaning to me. I can see here what’s going on with Donald Trump – they’re calling him racist just for wanting to protect the borders of his country. This is the same thing in Israel. I think I, and the rest of the people in Israel, have the right to protect their homes and borders.”

Golan finished her time by noting that she intends to join politics, saying: “I’m going to run for the Knesset in Israel because I believe that Israeli Jews have the right to protect their homes.” She did not suggest any parties that she would join.

The activist met earlier in the week week with Americans for a Safe Israel (ASFI). She told the group that drug use is rampant among the infiltrators and that people who live near them are afraid to venture out of their homes, social services are overtaxed and the infrastructure is severely stressed.

The government is aware of this, but for a number of reasons, does not act. Ominously, as she told the audience, the problem of illegal immigrants in Israel is no longer limited to South Tel Aviv, but has spread throughout Israel. They are causing havoc in numerous cities, including Eilat, Ashdod and Ashkelon, among others.

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