Limmud FSU Conference to Launch in Moldova

May 30, 2012  

More than 400 young Jews will gather for the first time for a Limmud FSU conference in Chisinau, Moldova, June 7-10.

Jews will also arrive from the southern region of Ukraine to the city, formerly known as Kishinev, known for its rich Jewish history and currently the capital of the newly independent Republic of Moldova.

The event, a “festival of Jewish learning” for Jews from the Former Soviet Union (FSU), features a program of lectures, workshops, roundtable discussions, music and cultural programs.

More than 22,000 Jews currently live in Moldova, with about 15,000 based in the capital city.

A team of local volunteers and a programming committee have organized more than 40 lectures, presentations, performances, workshops, excursions and discussions for the event.

Featured on the program are prominent historians, scientists, artists, politicians, business people, educators and musicians from Israel, the United States and the FSU.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of Moldova, Vlad Filat, and Baron Arthur Cherar, leader of Gypsys around the world and known as “The Gypsy King.” Cherar will speak on the common history between his people and the Jews, who were both persecuted by the Nazis during World War II.

The Limmud phenomenon began in Britain nearly 32 years ago and is now a world-famous educational movement. Limmud FSU, founded six years ago by Chaim Chesler, former head of JAFI’s delegation in the FSU, and Sandra Cahn, a philanthropist from New York.

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