Journalist denounces Jews wanting to live in historic Jerusalem

June 24, 2016  

Yediyot Aharonot journalist Ben-Dror Yemini has criticized the decision to allow a home for Jews to be built in Kfar Shiloah, on land that was purchased by Ateret Cohanim in 2005.

In his weekly column, Yemini wrote: “We are shocked by the regular attacks. And rightly so. Let me cry out over the crawling attack. Only two days ago, almost in secret, the Jerusalem local council approved a Jewish building in the Silwan neighborhood, in accordance with Ateret Cohanim’s request.”

He described the ruling as a new milestone in the State of Israel’s march of folly. “Why do you need to live in the middle of a populated Arab neighborhood? What’s the rationale? It costs the country a fortune. They’ll need millions of shekels each month in order to protect them. It’s a proven formula for friction, humiliation and violence.

“No Jew wants devout Muslims with political motivations to settle down in the middle of a Jewish neighborhood just because the law allows them to. So why? What more do they need to happen in order to understand that mixing hostile populations is a certain recipe for spilling blood?”

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