‘If the PA didn’t incite, Israel wouldn’t need to use force’

June 21, 2016  

Israel’s foreign ministry has dismissed Palestinian Authority accusations surrounding the death of a Palestinian youth during stone-throwing attacks against Israeli traffic along Route 443.

Three motorists were injured when Arab terrorists hurled rocks, bottles and other projectiles at their cars early Tuesday morning. IDF soldiers opened fire on the rock-throwers in the course of a chase, accidentally killing one person and wounding two others – all three of whom were later revealed to have been uninvolved bystanders.

Two suspected rock-throwers were arrested soon afterwards.

The PA foreign ministry accused Israel of “extrajudicial killings” and called for international sanctions against Israel in response.

But Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Emmanual Nahshon firmly rejected the PA’s accusations, branding it “cynical”, and instead blaming the Palestinian leadership for stoking the violence.

“Were it not for the difficult security situation – which is entirely the fault of Palestinian incitement and terrorism – Israel wouldn’t be forced to use force to defend its citizens,” he responded.

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