Daughter tells mother wounded in attack: Dad is dead

July 4, 2016  

Rabbi Michael Mark was shot and murdered in his car on route 60 on Friday. Three days later, his wife Chavi, who was seriously injured in the shooting, heard the terrible news.

Her children gathered in Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem today (Monday), just a day after she awoke from a coma, and told her that her husband, Rabbi Michael, was murdered in the attack.

The family members, who also visited the daughter Tehilla who’s still in the hospital, said that Chavi doesn’t remember the actual attack, but fully recognized them and communicated with them.  

Daughter Orit spoke with the media today at the family’s home, and recalled the terrible moment the family received the news. “We sat in the living room. I didn’t think something serious had happened, and then they said that mom and dad are seriously wounded. I understood immediately that dad… that he wasn’t with us anymore. I went to pray that mom will live. 

“None of us deserve this. But my father wouldn’t allow us to give up. He raised us to be strong, and never let any of us give up. That’s why we’re all here together now, strengthening each other. The Jewish people are helping us so much, giving us so much support.”

Orit requested, “Jewish Nation, we love you, and we’re with you. Your support strengthens us. Please, spread my father’s light. We all need to get up and spread his light.” 

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