Daughter injured in drive-by shooting discharged from hospital

July 5, 2016  

The 14-year-old daughter of Rabbi Michael Mark, who was injured in the drive-by shooting which killed him on Friday, was released from hospital Tuesday.

Tehillah Mark was hospitalized in moderate-to-serious condition last Friday. In the attack, Palestinian terrorists overtook the car her father was driving, together with the family’s mother and a younger son, and fired some 20 bullets at the vehicle, causing it to overturn.

Michael Mark was murdered, his wife Chava was left seriously injured and their two children were also injured.

Tehillah’s condition steadily improved since arriving at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital, after a Palestinian passerby rescued her and her younger brother from the car. She was able to attend her father’s funeral on Sunday, but was taken back to hospital to recover further before being released today.

Her mother Chava awoke from her coma on Sunday, two days after the attack, and was only strong enough to be informed of the tragic news of her husband’s death on Monday.

Relatives say Chava can’t recall the events of last Friday, but is able to recognize and communicate with those around her.

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