Concern in Gaza region: Period of calm may be nearing end

June 23, 2016  

Kibbutz Nahal Oz spokeswoman Yael Paz-Lahiany spoke on Arutz 7 about the new decision to sound the “Tzeva Adom” siren in cases of terrorists penetrating Israeli territory through tunnels, as well as rockets fired from the Gaza strip.

“Operation Protective Edge was the first time there was a fear of tunnel attacks here, though in the end there weren’t any. Now that the siren will sound for this kind of attack, residents will be able to become alert and be responsive to further instructions.”

Lehyani says the Kibbutz residents are constantly drilling for the event of a terrorist penetration into kibbutz territory. “Unfortunately we have to practice this a lot. Everyone knows the protocol, which includes going into the houses and everyone reporting their whereabouts. When the siren goes off our cellphones automatically connect to the kibbutz security headquarters, from which we receive instructions.”  

The spokeswoman expressed hope that the summer vacation will pass by safely. “We are making sure to run the Kibbutz summer vacation programs for the children completely normally. These include summer camps, communal swimming pools, and other diverse activities. The children are having a great time. We know our routine can be disrupted at any moment so it’s very important to us to give the children everything now. Of course we do still hope and believe that the entire summer will be a quiet one.”  

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