‘Bring our son back from Gaza’

June 26, 2016  

The family of Israeli citizen Abera Mengistu, who is being held by Hamas after he crossed the border into Gaza in late 2014, held a protest outside the Prime Minister’s Office Sunday. They demanded that no agreement be signed by Israel with Turkey until a sign of life is received from him.

The agreement with Turkey will reportedly include a provision allowing Turkey to transfer humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Ashdod Port.

“I am willing to enter Gaza and take out my son,” said Abera’s father, Ailin. “Why doesn’t anyone return him to us? I am a Jew.”

Abera’s mother, Granash, added: “I ask the prime minister to bring back my son. We have been silent for one year and nine months. If it were the prime minister’s son, he would not sit still.”

Abera’s brother, Ilan, said: “We fully trusted the government of Israel and the Members of Knesset to carry out their duties faithfully. To do everything possible to bring home my brother.” However, he protested, “In view of the agreement that is being formed with Turkey, we have discovered that we were being hoodwinked. It is unacceptable that Israel will sign a humanitarian aid agreement, while my innocent brother is being held by them. Bring him back now!”

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