Bomb Threat Forces Israeli Consulate Evacuation

September 20, 2011  

A bomb threat in Marseille France forced the staff of Israel’s consulate in the city to flee the building Tuesday until a suspicious bomb turned out to be a hoax.

After an anonymous person telephoned the threat to police, authorities discovered a suspicious Renault van parked outside the Israeli consulate in the southern port city.

The “bomb” turned out to be a pressure cooker with wires that were attached to a car radio. The radio was hidden in a pot. In addition, a radiation warned sticker was found on the van. Investigators conducted tests and found no traces of radiation.

Ninety minutes after the alert, the staff was allowed to return to the mission’s building.

The hoax presumably was carried out as a reminder of the Arab League’s initiative in the United Nations for unilateral recognition of the Palestinian Authority.

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