Baruch Marzel: You don’t neutralize terror

June 30, 2016  

Hevron activist Baruch Marzel responded Thursday morning to the terror attack in Kiryat Arba that left Hallel-Yaffa Ariel dead and one injured.

Blasting what he called the government’s “passive” approach to terrorism, Marzel called for the army to “uproot” terrorism in order to prevent future attacks.

“The state’s policies have failed. This is a classic example of [passive] defense: ‘smart’ fences, guards, security cameras – but in the moment of truth it doesn’t stand up to the test. The only way [to prevent these attacks] is to attack, destroy, eliminate, and uproot the terror. Don’t neutralize terrorism – crush it. We think the time has come to stop being defensive.”

A former member of the Kach party, Marzel is a long-time resident of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hevron.

Another Hevron resident, Bentzi Gopshtain, who heads the ‘Lahava’ anti-assimilation organization, called for the expulsion of terror supporters – including Arab MK Hanin Zoabi.

“Unfortunately we’ve gotten used to these terror attacks. I call upon all of those who were angry at [Joint List MK] Hanin Zoabi yesterday for calling IDF soldiers ‘terrorists’ – Hanin Zoabi isn’t alone. I think that the time has come to throw out all those who think like her, who voted for her, and all those here who celebrate when Jews are murdered should be thrown out of the country. That’s the only solution. You can’t have a situation where a terrorist breaks into [a town], murders a little girl in her bed and is called a ‘hero’ [by his village]. We need to expel throw him out and all of his family and all of his village out.”

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