Abbas’s Fatah Names Sports Tournament After Terrorists

January 30, 2015  

The Palestinian Authority (PA)’s Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) sponsored a sports tournament this month, according to Palestinian Media Watch – and named it after terrorists. 

“The Martyr Raed Al-Karmi and Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Tournament” was held on or around January 18, according to translations of the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.

Both Al-Karmi and Mughrabi were arch-terrorists responsible for the murders of dozens of Israels. 

Al-Karmi was a senior member of Fatah’s terror wing (Tanzim) and orchestrated the murder of nine Israelis from 2000-2002 in several attacks; Mughrabi orchestrated the worst terror attack in Israeli history, the Coastal Road Massacre in 1978, which killed 37 Israelis – 12 of them children.

She, in particular, has been hailed as a role model throughout the PA’s official media on multiple occasions, as PMW documents. Fatah has honored Mughrabi before on more than one occasion, taking to Facebook to glorify the attack during March of this year and again one day after PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas attended the anti-terror rally in Paris. 

In the news item on the event, PLO representative Mazen Abu Zaid said that the tournament was being held to “renew our commitment and loyalty to the blood of the Martyrs, and to show support for President Mahmoud Abbas” and “in order to draw the map of the homeland for us and to serve as a message: Palestine is one, indivisible unit.”

Zaid also said that the support for Abbas was “necessary” due to the “plots being woven against him” over Abbas’s series of unilateral moves against Israel in the UN and International Criminal Court (ICC). 

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