ZAKA to help in aftermath of Turkey attack

March 19, 2016  

A ZAKA delegation will take off for Turkey this evening (Saturday) in order to care for the bodies of the Israelis murdered in today’s attack.

Mati Goldstein, the head of ZAKA’s international unit, says, “As soon as Shabbat ended we began preparing to leave for Turkey. Our delegation includes five members of the team.

“ZAKA has much experience in the international arena and we pray that the bodies of those killed will quickly be brought to Israel for burial, and that the wounded will be transfered to Israel for medical treatment,” he explained.

Organization head Yehuda Meshi Zahav added, “ZAKA has much experience at the international level, as ZAKA delegations have been at terrible natural disasters and attacks across the world, including in Turkey. We have previously helped after a painful attack and we returned the killed Israelis home. We are in connection with the Jewish community in Turkey, which is helping the delegation with all it needs.”

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