Yesha Council Leader Wants Urgent Confidence Vote

June 16, 2012  

The chairman of the Yesha Council, a body made up of community leaders in Judea and Samaria, wants the body’s plenum to convene and vote on its confidence in his leadership. The move reflects his awareness of growing displeasure with his moderate line, in the face of the state’s preparations for demolishing 30 homes in Beit El.

Electing a more hard-line chairman will have immediate ramifications for the struggle over Givat HaUlpana.

Dayan has sent a letter requesting the vote to the Plenum Chairman, Adi Mintz. The letter has reached Arutz Sheva.

“As you know, in recent months the ideological and strategic differences about the right way to lead the settlement enterprise have been thrown into sharp focus,” wrote Dayan. “These differences… created tension within the Yesha Council management and there were complaints that I am, supposedly, trying to force the majority to follow a path it does not accept.”

“In a nutshell, the differences are between an approach that prefers an agreed solution to crises and an approach that seeks to reach a decision through confrontation… I think, for instance, that despite the grave crises, we are in a period of great movement in the right direction with a relatively sympathetic government, while others think we are on the verge of collapse and in a period of destruction. From these approaches, completely different strategies are derived.

“This ideological and strategic divide cannot remain undecided. The internal differences of opinion on this important matter within the Yesha Council itself detract from its ability to carry out its leadership function.

“My position in the controversy is sharp, clear and well known. That of other members is completely different. Like I said, I am told that some members think my path is not accepted by the majority. It is clear that I cannot continue to lead the Yesha Council, even until the end of the term in 2013, if the majority indeed wants the other approach, which contradicts my strongly held opinion.”

Dayan asked Mintz to convene the plenum immediately, and no later than two weeks from now. 

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