Yesh Atid Presents Eerily Similar Knesset List to 2013

January 26, 2015  

Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid announced his party’s Knesset list Monday night – mere days before the deadline to do so. 

“We have learned from our initial mistakes that if we really want to make a difference, we will have to put the knife between our teeth and fight,” Lapid began the press conference. 

Lapid then introduced the party’s new campaign slogan for upcoming elections: “Fighting for the country.”

Unlike most other major parties such as Likud, Labor, and Jewish Home, Yesh Atid does not hold primaries. Instead, the list is determined entirely by Lapid. 

Yesh Atid’s list for the 20th Knesset runs as follows – remarkably similar to the party’s list from 2013 elections:

1. Yair Lapid
2. Shai Piron
3. Yael German
4. Meir Cohen
5. Yaakov Peri
6. Ofer Shelah
7. Haim Yellin
8. Karin Elharar
9. Yoel Razvozov
10. Aliza Lavie
11. Mickey Levy
12. Elazar Stern
13. Pnina Tamano-Shata
14. Boaz Toporovsky
15. Ruth Calderon
16. Yifat Kariv
17. Dov Lipman
18. Ronen Hoffman
19. Zoharit Sorek
20. Ofra Finkelstein

After announcing the list, Lapid went on to discuss Yesh Atid’s core policies as well as to attack other parties. 

“Any change, any correction, we always have to fight against corruption of unimaginable proportions,” Lapid said, before criticizing Likud and Labor for “sabotaging” the Equal Burden Law and the haredi draft. 

Lapid also accused Netanyahu of destroying Israel’s relationship with the United States and called for Israel’s international standing to be restored. 

His suggestion was to turn to moderate Arab states to promote a regional agreement with the Palestinian Authority that is both “practical and logical, and which also maintains the large settlement blocs, the integrity of Jerusalem, and the uncompromising fight against Islamic terrorism.” 

“We present a list of the real Center. Not Left anarchists, not fringe Right, but Center,” he stressed. 

“We are the only party who has seen none of its leaders and senior officials be investigated, suspected, silent during an investigation, convicted, or sent to prison.” 

According to the most recent poll, Yesh Atid is projected to gain nine seats in the next election. 

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