Ya’alon: We will not compromise in the fight against terror

January 25, 2016  

Israel will demolish the homes of the terrorists who carried out the stabbing attack in Beit Horon, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Monday night.

Speaking upon his arrival in Greece, where he will meet on Tuesday with his Greek counterpart, Ya’alon stressed that Israel will not compromise in the fight against terrorism.

“The attack today is further evidence of the complex battle we are facing, in the face of murderous terrorism and incited terrorists who will stop at nothing to kill Jews,” he said.

“The incitement and blatant lies to which young Palestinians are exposed in social networking, in the media and in the education system encourage terrorism, as we’ve experienced today in Beit Horon, and as we have experienced in recent months,” added Ya’alon.

“Since the attack, the Israel Defense Forces has been holding operations around the places from which the terrorists came, as well as mapping their homes ahead of a demolition. We have no intention to compromise in the fight against lone Palestinian terrorism, and despite the challenge it presents to us, we will beat it,” he vowed.

“There is no magic solution in this struggle, and it requires determination and level-headedness, along with patience, responsibility and good judgment,” concluded Ya’alon.

In Monday’s attack, the two terrorists stabbed a woman aged 23, critically wounding her, and also stabbed and moderately wounded a woman aged 58, adjacent to a supermarket in Beit Horon before trying to enter and inflict more casualties.

Fortunately one civilian on hand showed great ingenuity in pushing the terrorists with a cart at the door of the store, according to footage released by Channel 2 later on Monday night.

The attack appears to have been well planned, as the two terrorists infiltrated the town in the Binyamin region of Samaria, and apparently planted three improvised explosives near the store which were later found by security forces, before launching their attack.

A security guard shot the two terrorists and neutralized them. They later died of their wounds.

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