Ya’alon Visits Terror Victims in Hospital

August 12, 2015  

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon made a round of visits to terror victims and their families on Wednesday, following terror attacks last week near Shiloh and Jerusalem. 

First, Ya’alon visited IDF soldiers Yuval Appel and Yarin Ashkenazi, who were wounded in a vehicular terror attack on Thursday at the Sinjil junction in Samaria (near Shiloh). Both are currently being treated at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center after being evacuated from the scene by helicopter. 

In addition, Ya’alon visited Inbar Azraq, who was injured in a Molotov cocktail attack Monday night near the Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem. Azraq suffers from severe burns on 25% of her body from the attack. 

Ya’alon was accompanied during the visit to the hospital by Director Prof. Yoram Weiss and Deputy Director Dr. Asher Salmon.

“Now it is a matter of time and doctors,” Ya’alon stated to the parents of the injured soldiers. “The boys are in good hands, and we have to be strong to get through this period. We are here to help.”

Ya’alon also wrote encouraging words to Appel.

“A fighter and commander’s position includes quite a few challenges, and the ability to overcome them,” he wrote. “The challenge for you will require you to mobilize over this all, but I’m sure you can withstand the physical challenges, because mind triumphs over matter.” 

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