Ya’alon: ‘Israel is a Military Superpower’

February 11, 2014  

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon participated in the opening ceremony of the International Air Show in Singapore Tuesday, where Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) presented a number of new military aircraft on the cutting edge of defense technology. 

“From the technology displayed here at the booths of the Defense Ministry, I can say that Israel is a superpower,” Ya’alon stated during the ceremony. “The fact that Israel is represented here in this way, in a place so far from home, shows me that Israel is a superpower – in this respect, at least.” 

“Israel is a reluctant superpower because it seems that threats and danger provide a better incentive to develop new military innovations in a wide variety of fields,” he continued. “We face the threats of a changing Middle East, and despite being smaller [than our neighbors] in every way, our ability to respond is based mainly on or minds and hearts, on our knowledge and spirit.  This knowledge, this spirit drives the soldiers who fight, [and] drive the navy and the air force.”

“Not any less important are our engineers, scientists and technicians in various industries, who actualize our military capabilities for our soldiers,” he added. 

“The world is undergoing quite a few changes that directly affect the defense ministry, not to mention economic and social changes,” Ya’alon noted. “Our relatively stable security situation rests largely on our ability to respond to our more intimidating ordeals, and the partnership between those at the front and those on the laboratory bench, between the designer and the commander [. . .] is the guarantee to our security. “

Ma’ariv lists the aircraft unveiled at the Air Show, including the “Super-Heron” unmanned drone (UAV), which has a 200 horsepower diesel engine and an advanced propulsion system. The drone can reach velocities covering tens of meters per second, according to the daily. 

The UAV has already been hailed as the most advanced of its kind worldwide, and the IAF has already deployed several for reconnaissance missions and maritime patrols. 

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