Woman Found in Arab Village after Alleged Abduction



A new incident involving the alleged abduction of a Jewish victim took place Monday night, shortly after it was announced that the bodies of three abducted yeshiva boys had been found. Police suspect, however, that the alleged victim, a 21-year-old woman, may not have been abducted at all .

The police’s 100 hotline received a call Monday night according to which the woman, who works in a gas station near Betar Illit, had been kidnapped in a car by Palestinian Arabs and was being held in an Arab village.

The police’s Hevron precinct and Gush Etzion station joined IDF forces in mounting a search, and used GPS tracking to locate the young woman, who had reportedly called her boyfriend on the telephone, inside a building in the Arab town of Beit Jala, near Bethlehem. 

Early questioning indicated that the woman met with her boyfriend after she finished working and was on her way to the hitchhiking station when a white car with two Arabs inside it stopped next to her.

The initial version of events was that the two forced her into the car and took her to the building where she was found. Police now suspect, however, that the woman got into the car willingly. However, it appears that the Arabs locked her in a room in Beit Jalla against her will.

IDF forces are searching the area for the suspects.


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