Wolf attack in Katzrin terrifies populace

January 10, 2016  

According to report by local residents, on Saturday night a mare and her foal were attacked by wolves 50 meters away from the city of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.

The mare suffered injuries while the foal was pulled over a fence, killed, and devoured by local wolves.

The pack of wolves was reportedly driven away by cattlemen in the northern Golan Heights and has migrated towards the more centrally located capital of the Golan.

Wolves pose a considerable threat to the herds of cows that are raised in the Golan. The area, home to many cattle farms due to the large open spaces which are suitable for the grazing of large herds, has seen an influx of wolf packs over the past few months. The threat from the ranging wolves has become a growing problem and concern of the cattlemen.

Recently packs of wolves have settled in the Zavitan-Yehudia-Meshushim Nature Reserves which are adjacent to the Kinerret region in the Golan and less than 10 kilometers away from the city, and largest population center in the Golan. Local residents have expressed fear of recurring attacks, and frustration with local authorities lack of response. 

“Nature Reserve as well as local authorities are aware of the ravening wolf problem, but are reluctant to inform and warn residents and tourists for fear of creating widespread panic,” claims one resident. 

Authorities claim that wolves usually do not attack humans assuming that they are not infected with rabies. Most of the wolf packs on the Golan are not infected, and have enough natural prey in the area so that they stay away from cattle when a human presence is around.

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