Will Snow Block Funerals?

January 6, 2015  

The director of the Council of Cemeteries in Jerusalem, Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, has sent a letter to the Jerusalem Municipality Director Amnon Merhav, in which he asked him to make preparations for clearing the snow on the roads that lead to Har Hamenuhot (in Hebrew – “The Mountain of Rest”) cemetery in Givat Shaul.

“I would like to ask you, on the eve of the snow storm that is expected at week’s end in Jerusalem, to include, in the plans for clearing the roads and the traffic arteries in Jerusalem, the roads that lead to the Har Hamenuhot zone in Givat Shaul, as well as the roads within the Mount,” he wrote.

Rabbi Horowitz noted that in last year’s snowstorm, Har Hamenuhot was the municipality’s last priority for snow clearing. Holding funerals was exceedingly difficult, he added, noting “the devotion of the Hevra Kadisha employees, to carry out the mitzva of burying the dead without delay and without dishonoring the dead person, as well as the pain caused to the families of the dead because their relatives and friends were unable to take part in the funeral procession.”

“The least we can do is to enable people to reach the cemetery in the fastest and safest way,” the rabbi said.

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