Why Get Your MBA at the Technion?

May 20, 2014  

Have you always dreamed of starting your own company? The Israel Institute of Technology- TECHNION is now offering a one- year “Start-uP MBA” program for international students.

The program provides students the tools and skills to start up their own companies. Firstly, you get a graduate degree in Business Administration with a specific focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and technological management. The curriculum includes three course levels: Foundation Courses, providing knowledge in different aspects of business management; Core Courses – which build on the foundation courses and specialize in entrepreneurship; and lastly, Advanced Courses – which further develop the program’s specialization and focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, the start-up world and hi-tech management.

When I started my course at the Technion, I knew that I was going to learn a lot, but I didn’t imagine that it would change my life!

Taking my MBA course in Israel was not a decision made lightly, but I knew that the Technion provided one of the best curriculums globally, so I was confident that I had made the right choice. By taking the Technion’s Start-uP MBA program I was able to get my degree in just one year. Needless to say, I had an exhilarating experience. I can honestly say that the decision to apply to the International Start-uP MBA program has been one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.

I learned heaps while getting my Start-uP MBA at the Technion. The classes were challenging, to say the least. It pushed me to work harder, and it broadened my perspective on so many related topics. My professors were perfect for the job – as they were both encouraging and tough, pushing us to excel. My peers were also very supportive. We helped each other and our dynamic created a vibrant learning environment and culture. I’ve gained lots of friends in my one year of study here, for which I am truly thankful. Studying at the Technion also taught me not to be over confident. I always knew that I excelled at my academics, years of pre-graduate studies proved that, but at the Technion, I learned to push the envelope. I am currently building my dream startup, under the guidance of world class entrepreneurs.

Studying at the Technion taught me a different kind of discipline. I thought that I knew everything about business and entrepreneurship, but the challenging curriculum helped me learn new theories and exposed me to new concepts. But aside from the theory, I especially appreciated the opportunities we got to apply our lessons in “real-world” settings, and I particularly enjoyed the various corporate visits we went on. I was amazed at how various entrepreneurs had built their conglomerates from the ground up. During the year, I also got the opportunity to intern for one of these companies, and got a peek of how this company worked from the inside. The level of professionalism was astounding, to see how the company operated on such a high level, day in and day out, I was truly inspired to pursue my own start-up business.

If people were to ask me if pursuing the Start-uP MBA at the Technion is a good idea, I would encourage them and push them to do what I did. I cannot even begin to imagine how much I’ve learned in the one year it took me to get my MBA. In addition, studying in a different country is a real eye-opener, as you get to learn about business concepts and theories as seen through another culture’s eyes.

Getting your MBA at the Technion is much more than just getting an education. The Start-uP MBA offers students the chance to discover the start-up nation first-hand, as they engage in practical projects, site visits and seminars that help transform their own ideas into reality. In short, this is an experience that you will not forget for the rest of your life.

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