When the ‘Melody of the Souls’ came down from Heaven

May 8, 2016  

Hanan Ben-Ari, a religious star whose debut album recently released to great critical acclaim, explained the connection between his stirring song “Melody of the Souls” and the upcoming Israeli Memorial Day commemorating the fallen IDF heroes.


Ben-Ari, a talented singer, composer and writer and also the nephew of former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, explained the remarkable story behind his moving song on Facebook.

“When the Second Lebanon War broke out I was an 18-year-old kid, pre-military enlistment,” he recalled. “I sat for hours on the piano during that period, writing and composing without end.”

“But suddenly when the war started, and close friends were wounded and fell in battle, all my words and melodies appeared so small and insignificant.”

That feeling reached a peak after the battle of Bint Jbeil, in which eight IDF soldiers were killed.

Ben-Ari recalled feeling how “on the one hand everything is dwarfed by death, but on the other hand the desire to manage to create and live a great life pulses so powerfully in the veins.”

“Twenty-four hours after the battle of Bint Jbeil I sat at night in front of the piano, praying to find and play the melody that they sing to the souls when they return up above. Within a quarter-hour the melody and the words came down together, I didn’t dare touch them.”

“The song was put into my debut album ‘Izun’ (‘Balance’ – ed.) at the last moment, and now ahead of Memorial Day we chose to record it anew in a more intimate piano version,” he explained. 

Ben-Ari dedicated the newly re-recorded song “to my friends who are no more.”

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