Wheelchair basketball fans hospitalize each other

May 8, 2016  

Irony doesn’t get much more in your face than fans of a wheelchair basketball match beating each other up with lethal weapons until seven of them are hospitalized – and that’s exactly what happened in a game on Saturday between rival Turkish teams held in Germany.

The bloody b-ball beatdown broke out between around 60 fans of Besiktas and Galatasaray, two teams from Istanbul whose fans dearly hate each other, and whose soccer teams are among the best in Turkey.

They broke out knives and baseball bats to attack each other – it remains unclear how security let the fans in with knives and bats to the game, which was part of the four-day European Champions Cup played in Zwickau in eastern Germany.

Preventing the irony from being overwhelming is the fact that none of the wheelchair basketball fans were crippled in the clash, as Saxony police said none of the seven wounded were seriously injured, reports BBC on Sunday.

As a result of the pandemonium the game in Zwickau had to be cancelled.

Surprisingly enough this is not the first time that potentially crippling clashes broke out at a wheelchair basketball game between Besiktas and Galatasaray.

Back in 2012, ten fans were arrested for spraying each other with fire extinguishers during a game in Istanbul. The ferocious fans were fighting so intensely that police had to use tear gas in order to break them apart.

However, Saturday’s expression of Turkish violence did not help either of the disabled teams in the European Championship Cup.

Instead CD Ilunion of Spain took the championship, defeating Germany’s RSV Lahn-Dill 71-45 on Sunday in the finals. No bloodshed was recorded in that wheelchair match.

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