Watch: Would US university students fund Hamas terror attacks?

May 23, 2016  

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz sought to find out just how virulently anti-Israel American college campuses have become, and so he posed as a fundraiser for Hamas terror attacks at Portland State University (PSU) in Oregon. The results of his experiment were uploaded on Sunday.

Posing as an employee of “American Friends of Hamas,” Horowitz made clear to the students that his fictitious group raises money for terrorist attacks by the Gazan terrorist organization targeting Israeli “schools,” “hospitals” and “places of worship.”

As he calls the suicide bomber “the poor man’s F-15,” one student nods along, saying “right, right.”

Outlining his efforts to fund terrorist operations against the Jewish state, another wishes him “good luck.”

Horowitz told the students that Hamas, which is outlawed by the US and in its charter calls for the genocide of the Jewish people, is the “logical extension of BDS,” indicating the boycott movement targeting Israel. He clarified that “we’re looking to wipe Israel off the map.”

Stunningly, one of the students replies: “I’ve actually been learning this last school year about everything that’s going on over there so I like the sound of what you’re doing, it sounds like a great thing to do.”

The filmmaker asked the students to donate to his fictional site so as to fund Hamas terrorist attacks, and students told him the amount they would be willing to pledge, offering figures between $5 to near $30.

“Let’s say $27 since that seems to be my Bernie (Sanders) donation,” one female student told him, indicating the Democratic presidential candidate.

Horowitz has previously exposed the true face of virulent leftism being spread on American college campuses, such as when he found out which was more offensive to students: the Israeli flag or the Islamic State (ISIS) flag. He also exposed how students banned the American flag for being “hate speech.”

His work has extended beyond the campus, such as when he exposed just how little liberals know about the Iran nuclear deal, and the hypocrisy of Irish businesses who support the BDS movement boycotting Israel but have no problem buying from Iran and North Korea.

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