Watch: Netanyahu and Putin shore up alliance in Moscow

June 7, 2016  

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin held their fourth meeting in just nine months Tuesday afternoon, as the Israeli premier continued his official trip to Russia.

Netanyahu left for Moscow on Monday, and is scheduled to stay for two and a half days in total.

The trip is officially meant to mark 25 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Russia, but is also being used by both sides to shore up a rapidly strengthening alliance.

Speaking ahead of their meeting earlier in the day, Netanyahu hailed the contributions made by Jewish immigrants to Israel, and expressed confidence that the Jerusalem-Moscow alliance would continue to solidify.

“We certainly feel at home. Israel’s doors are open to Russia and Russia’s doors are open to Israel,” the Israeli PM said.

“We are marking 25 years since the resumption of relations between us, not only in culture and technology but in so many other fields as well.

“There are bonds of sympathy and empathy between Israel and Russia, with a common past that has tragic chapters for both peoples.”

At the same time as the prime minister’s visit, a delegation from Judea and Samaria is currently in Russia to promote trade ties.

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