Watch: Israel’s newest ‘Tiger’ APC in action




The IDF and the engineers behind the “merkava” class of tanks have begun field tests on the new armored personnel carrier (APC) which is based on the same systems as the merkava. 

The new APC is being code named “tiger’ (namer) and boasts the “windjacket” defensive system, as well as other classified systems.  The field tests are being carried out at the Infantry Training School in the Negev desert. 

Head of Tank Development Systems Department for the Defense Ministry Brigadier General Baruch Matzliach said “during these past few weeks we have completed the integration and compatibility of the “windjacket” system onto the tiger-class APCs. Following this week of field testing we will begin to transfer the system onto other vehicles in the IDF.”

“With this we will have complied with the demands of the defense ministry to install the most advanced and fully operational defensive combat system onto every tiger class APC that comes off the assembly line. The “windjacket” protected APCs will supply the highest level of protection available for IDF soldiers and will impart on them a higher level of security and a tactical advantage on the battlefield.”

The tiger class APC is thought to be the most secure personnel carrier in the world and has proved itself many times during Operation Protective Edge against a variety of threats. During the operation the APCs saved the lives of many soldiers who remained protected with the vehicle during attacks.

Due to the success of the system installed on tanks as well as APCs, the Defense Ministry decided that every new APC that is built must have the “windjacket” system built in.  


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