Warrant Issued for 3 Iranians in Delhi Blast Case



An Indian court on Thursday issued arrest warrants for three Iranians in connection with the bombing of an Israeli embassy car on 13 February.

Police officials identified the wanted men as Housan Afshar, Syed Ali Mehdi Sadr and Mohammed Reza Abolghasemi.

The officials said they would seek assistance from Interpol in finding and extraditing the men.

On 13 February, a motorcycle-borne terrorist planted a magnetic bomb on the car of Tal Yehoshua-Koren, wife of Israel’s military attaché in Delhi.

Yehoshua-Koren was moderately wounded as she narrowly escaped the blast. Her Indian driver and two other embassy staffers were also lightly wounded.

Last week, police arrested Indian freelance journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi, 50, who had worked for an Iranian news agency.

Prosecutors charged that Kazmi aided the bombers by reconnoitering the Israeli embassy and tracking the comings and goings of diplomats there.

The Delhi attack came on the same day that police in the former Soviet republic of Georgia disarmed a similar device attached to an Israeli diplomat’s car.

On 14 February, there was a botched bombing attempt targeting Israeli diplomats in Bangkok. Thai police arrested several Iranian nationals in connection to the case.

Israel immediately accused Iran or its terror confederate Hizbullah of responsibility for the attacks.

However, Indian officials – with some USD 12 billion in trade deals with Tehran in the balance – have been reticent to point fingers at Iran.

Delhi has said, should Iran be found culpable in the 13 February attack, that there will be “consequences.”


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