Volunteers to Serve as Human Shields in Syria

September 8, 2013  

The ‘International Human Shields’ movement, founded by a group of activists in Britain and the US, plans to bring to Syria civilians from countries around the globe, who will try to deter US strikes on the country by staking out potential military targets and serving as human shields there.

The British Telegraph said that Franklin Lamb, a lawyer recently appointed as the legal adviser for the group, said he had been “inundated” with requests from activists including from Canada, France, Italy, the US, and Britain.

The Syrian regime has not yet told the group whether it intends to let it enter the country.

Many of those volunteering to go to Syria also took part in the ‘Human Shields’ movement that traveled to Baghdad, initially to protect hospitals and schools, and later, key government infrastructure sites.

Ken O’Keefe, an ex-US Marine who gave up his American citizenship in disgust at Iraq war and who became a leader of that Human Shields group, told The Daily Telegraph that he has been acting as an adviser for this Syrian-focused movement.

“I have been sharing my experience with Mr Lamb. I have a feeling that if the Syrian government allows it, there would be a huge inundation of volunteers,” he said. “The policies of Britain and the US make no sense; we are aligning ourselves with the people who we were supposedly fighting in Iraq.”

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