Violent Clashes Follow Apparent Arab Arson in Samaria

August 22, 2015  

Violent clashes broke out on Saturday morning between Arabs and Jews near Esh Kodesh in the Binyamin region of Samaria, just north of Jerusalem, after an apparent Arab arson attempt to set the town’s fields on fire.

IDF forces arrived on the scene to break up the clashes by firing in the air, and used riot dispersal methods. They likewise declared the area to be treated as a closed military zone.

The Arab rioters reported that dozens on their side were wounded lightly by rubber bullets and tear gas and smoke grenades utilized by the IDF to break up the violence.

Jewish residents reported to Arutz Sheva that dozens of the Arab rioters set a fire adjacent to the vineyard of one of the residents of Esh Kodesh on Shabbat morning.

After the residents rushed to put out the fire and save the vineyard, the Arab assailants began showering them in a deluge of rocks, at which point the clashes started as the Jews began to defend themselves.

Arab assailants have caused massive damage to Jewish vineyards and agriculture in Esh Kodesh on numerous occasions in the past.

There have also long been reports of Arab attempts to seize land near Esh Kodesh, including one incident last December when the IDF let Arabs plow land adjacent to the homes of residents – despite the Arabs having no evidence for any claims of ownership to the land.

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