Who Holds the Key to Peace?

November 12, 2011  

A video by Al-Jazeera’s English television network is claiming that the one person who will decide whether there will be peace in between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is none other than Yesha Council chairman Danny Dayan.

The video claims that conventional wisdom, which claims that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and U.S. President Barack Obama are the ones who hold the key to peace, is wrong.

It goes on to say that Dayan has the power to either prop up the Israeli government or threaten to bring it down.

“The Yesha settlement council refuses to even consider the possibility of a Palestinian state,” the video says, “and it boasts strong and growing support both within the Knesset and the Cabinet.”

That support, Al-Jazeera claims, provides Netanyahu “with the convenient excuse to do nothing.”

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