Assad Blows Up Oil Pipeline; Children Starving

February 15, 2012  

The brutal bombardment of Homs Wednesday became even more unbelievable as an oil pipeline was blown up and hungry family scavanged for food.

Opposition activists said that Syrian President Bashar Assad sent airplanes to bomb the city while ground troops stormed dozens of private houses in the 12th straight day of artillery shelling that has traumatized residents.

As in the past, the regime has accused “terrorists” of being behind attacks, one of which set an oil refinery on fire.

Information was difficult to obtain because Internet and mobile phone communications were cut off, but the ShamSNN channel, operated by the opposition, transmitted a video of heavy artillery fire,  far worse evan than before.

Troops raided homes in efforts to locate opposition leaders and army deserters who have joined the Free Syrian Army. Dozens of people were arrested as Assad continues to employ all the force possible to suppress the rebellion. Russia and China have rebuffed Western efforts to bring an end to the brutality that has left thousands dead and many more wounded and tortured.

Assad still is trying to convince Syrians he is serious about political reforms, and his regime has announced that national referendum on a new constitution will take place in 10 days. The proposed document supposedly would end his Ba’ath party’s political monopoly.

Another YouTube video shows thick black smoke billowing from the city and also catches on film people scavenging for food as supplies dwindle.


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