US Group Launches ‘African Voices for Israel’

June 17, 2012  

American Voices in Israel, promoted by major U.S. Jewish groups, has launched Africa’s Voices in Israel to widen support for the Jewish State.

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations helped established American Voices for Israel to bring U.S.-based radio talk show hosts to see Israel and broadcast their programs live from Jerusalem.

They have toured the country and have met with political, cultural, business and scientific leaders to help them disseminate a fairer picture of Israel than what is generally published in mainstream media.

The African Voices for Israel will invite Christian pastors as well as African-American and Hispanic community leaders, said AVI Chairman, George Rohr.

He said that African personalities will be given “an opportunity to explore Israel’s business, cultural, historical and religious landscapes with a goal towards increasing mutually beneficial programs between the Jewish State and emerging African nations.”

The inaugural Africa’s Voices in Israel mission, featuring a delegation of Bank Governors from Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Zambia, Ghana and Swaziland arrived in Israel on Sunday.

During their five-day visit, the African Bank Governors will meet with Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer, Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz and other Israeli business and banking leaders.

Part of the tour will include the Save A Child’s Heart project at the Wolfson Medical Center, where 40 percent of the patients are young children from Africa.

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