US Drones Blitz Al Qaeda in Yemen

August 9, 2013  

At least fourteen Al Qaeda terrorists have been killed in three US drone strikes in  single day, according to Yemeni officials. 

Drone strikes have been commonly employed to strike at the heart of Al Qaeda’s leadership, and have been stepped up following alleged threats to attack US embassies in the Middle East. Those fear led to the closure of two dozen embassies across the region.

Yemen has been a focal point for such strikes, particularly since the Yemeni branch of the group – Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) – is considered the most dangerous by US security services.

The US never officially confirms such strikes, but it is widely accepted that America is behind such strikes as they are the only power in the region with both the interest and capability to do so.

The most recent strike occurred on Thursday evening, in which four terrorists were killed in Wadi al-Jad, in he southern Hadramout province, according to BBC Arabic.

Prior to that strike, two attacks in Marib and Hadramount provinces killed 10 terrorist, according to security sources. At least two civilians were believed to have also been killed in the former attack.

Thursday’s strikes bring the death toll to 30 in similar attacks since the end of July.

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