Uplifting: Non-Jews celebrate Israeli Independence Day worldwide

May 12, 2016  

Jews weren’t the only ones celebrating 68 years since the miraculous rebirth of the Jewish state in Israel on Memorial Day Thursday, as thousands of non-Jewish supporters worldwide showed their love by waving the Israeli flag.

The heartwarming display of support came from thousands of members of Lev Haolam, an organization that sends monthly packages of varied goods produced by small businesses in Judea and Samaria whose site can be viewed here.

A week ago Lev Haolam sent out Israeli flags to its customers worldwide as a gesture for Independence Day, and many of them took the initiative to photograph themselves with the flag in their countries.

Within hours of the packages with the flags having arrived at the doorsteps of the customers, Lev Haolam received dozens of pictures of the Israel supporters proudly waving the flag in Germany, Canada, the US, Holland, Norway and other locations.

Attorney Nati Rom, who founded Lev Haolam three years ago and serves as its director, spoke about the surprise.

“In honor of the 68th Independence Day of the state of Israel we in the organization Lev Haolam decided to put Israeli flags into the packages that we send to our supporters,” said Rom.

“For around three years we have recruited thousands of partners to the organization from all around the world. We merited to receive great masses of love and support for the state of Israel, but this time we were surprised to discover that beyond the support there is also a great feeling of pride.”

Rom explained that “we received dozens of pictures of members of the organization from every place in the world, waving the Israeli flags for all to see. That’s no small matter.”

“The Lev Haolam organization works to bridge the gap between the treatise of lies spread daily by anti-Semitic sources who want to harm the Zionist enterprise, and between the truth of people of the land of Israel who live in simplicity and faith. We in the Lev Haolam organization wish all of Israel a happy Independence Day, and that they continue to adhere to the path our forefathers walked in the Holy Land and strengthen the Zionist enterprise.”

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