United Arab List Seeks Jewish Votes, Too

February 11, 2015  

The new United Arab List on Wednesday introduced its campaign for the Knesset elections – and it’s aimed not only at Arab voters. The theme of the campaign is “The United List is Israel’s Answer to Racism,” and posters and ads that will appear throughout the country will feature the phrase, in Arabic and in Hebrew.

According to the party, the campaign “will raise serious issues that affect all weak populations in Israel, especially issues of racism, but we will also discuss issues that are relevant to all of Israeli society.”

The party, which seeks to become the third largest in the Knesset, is campaigning for Jewish, as well as Arab votes. “Our voters will be those who care about equality, democracy, and peace,” the party said.

At an event introducing the campaign Wednesday, MK Aiman Odeh (Hadash), chairman of the List, said that “the current government has directed an unprecedented campaign of incitement, which has been expressed in street violence, increased racism, and discrimination by national institutions.”

In a comment directed at Yisrael Beytenu’s Avigdor Liberman, Odeh said that “those who do not want to see us in the Knesset, those who raise the minimum vote requirement for a Knesset presence, will discover that we have become a large political force. We call on all Israelis who have been mistreated to vote for us, and we promise to represent everyone in the Knesset. Our joint list is the answer to racism,” he added.

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