Unexploded WWII bomb found under British high school

May 13, 2016  

Nearly 1,000 homes in Bath, England were evacuated late Thursday night, after an unexploded World War Two bomb was found under a local high school. 

Bomb disposal teams were dispatched to the Royal High School late Thursday to assess the situation, the Daily Mail reports. The find: a 500-pound bomb just feet below a now-defunct playground. 

A 300-foot exclusion zone was set up along Lansdown Road in the town as the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) workers did their work. A full 250 tons of sandbags surround the site. 

Meanwhile, evacuated families may not be allowed to return for 48 hours. 

This is not the first time a WWII bomb has surfaced to cause panic among modern-day residents. 

In May 2015, 20,000 residents of Cologne were evacuated after a 440-pound bomb was found and deactivated. 

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